Arteastiq Blog – I have been wanting to try out this place after reading magazines and hearing people raving about it. Arteastiq offers a unique tea experience combined with all day breakfast and even painting sessions for both art and tea lovers alike.


The interior design is mainly decorated with exotic chandeliers, 2 long rows of colourful victorian chairs and stalks of white flowers, roses. I thought it might have been better if they change-out some of the furniture as they seemed worn overtime though. See the faded turquoise coloured chair?
Other than the main restaurant which serves a hearty menu of artisan teas and marvelous food dishes, there is also an art studio just next to it!

We were there at about 11am for brunch and the art jamming classes have not started but the rows of empty art canvases have already been set up for the customers.
Taking a snapshot with their mirror…

The food menu was impressive. Here’s the brunch menuIMG_6966.JPG and along with the artisan tea range: IMG_6968.JPG IMG_6969.JPG

Arteastiq serves up delicious All Day breakfast sandwiches, cakes, tarts and fruit tea! Splendid.
Latte… with a little heart shape art work.IMG_6975.JPG My hot serving of Mint Lemon Grass Tea: IMG_6976.JPG IMG_6979.JPG The way they serve up the drinks on the wooden tray with gold handles look good, especially with their store name branded on it.IMG_6984.JPG


The Big Breakfast (SGD$22.80++) includes scrambled eggs, bacons, Italian cheese sausage, Portobello mushroom, pan-friend potato-broccoli medalion, cheesy roasted tomato, mesculun salad.

IMG_6985.JPG IMG_6986.JPG IMG_6987.JPG IMG_6989.JPG

Set Meal: Viva La Fiesta Quesadilla (SGD$11++) — Smoked turkey ham with Brie cheese, dried apricot, alfalfa sprouts and cranberry sauce IMG_6990.JPG The full order for the both of us: IMG_6993.JPG

IMG_7002.JPGBefore we left, I was inspired to get an artwork done too! It looks like fun and I signed the both of us up for their art session at Parsabella – Turf City subsequent. The post will be up soon!
My overall verdict

Food Quality & Presentation: 8/10. What more can I say for with fanciful displays for a ladies chat up session? 🙂

Service: 8/10 – noticed there were 3 drinks? We didn’t bother at first as we were busy chatting! We actually didn’t even touch the drink but the service staff came over like a min later to apologise for sending the wrong drink over and told us that it was on the house. Other than that, their service was prompt, attitude was good too.

Ambience: 7/10. I would have given 8 or 9 if the furniture was newer.

Address: 333A Orchard Road, #04-14/15, Mandarin Gallery,
Phone:6235 8705