These days, there seems to be a rising trend in Mookata restaurants sprouting up in various parts of Singapore. It’s the BBQ grill surrounded by a steamboat moat. Mookata deviates from the tradition use of butter when grilling meats. Instead, it is replaced with pork lard which adds flavour and taste to the meats and soup base.

SAM_2953.JPGPigging out at Bangkok Street Mookata



We noticed a new restaurant Bangkok Street Mookata that opened end Nov 2014 and it is rather crowded most of the times. Hence, we decided to give it a try!

SAM_2940.JPG SAM_2942.JPG It’s actually quite packed for a rainy day.

The place isn’t that accessible and it’s recommended to drive a car to park at a outdoor carpark there. Not to worry, there’s always plenty of carpark spaces there.

The Menu:

SAM_2944.JPG Platter for 4 @ $39, Platter for 2 @ $22

We skipped the platter as we had wanted more meats and not dishes like the corn, hotdogs, fishballs etc.

SAM_2945.JPG The ala-carte menu orders

Before grilling our food, we got the Pork Lard from one of the waiters. We were given 2 pieces only and had to keep asking for the pork lard as the quantities given are like a couple of pieces at a time. Anyways, as we brushed the surface of the dome-shaped wok, we noticed that there were black pieces of scraped off stuff on the pork lard.

SAM_2946.JPG SAM_2947.JPG

Food Quality: The marinated meats, mainly the garlic pork collars, pork bellies, beef, chicken tasted good. We reckoned that they were thawed meats but we can’t taste any staleness/soggyness  as the marination was done well. 🙂

The scallops, golden mushrooms, Shishamo are good choices too for this thai grilling style.

SAM_2950.JPG SAM_2951.JPG SAM_2952.JPG

What I will not recommend is the order of Maggie Mee (which my friend did) which is sold at $1.50 for half a normal packet size.

Food Quantity: For the meats, the price starts at $1.90 a plate and the serving was a few pieces of meat which was small. But what more can we ask for at $1.90, $2.90 a plate? We added on to the orders to quite a number of plates otherwise there weren’t enough to go around.SAM_2949.JPG One portion of meat.

Ambience: Simple affair at Singapore’s Coffeeshops which is dining around simple round tables and plastic chairs with the open concept. Yes there are some live and dead cockroaches around and I do hope they will clean up on this. Other than that, diners can still enjoy the cool evening breeze whilst grilling.

SAM_2955.JPG SAM_2956.JPG The Chillis good and spicy. Enough to make us order 2 drinks each. 


Amount spent: Based on 4 adults, we spent $52 in all. That’s $13 per pax which is not inclusive of drinks. Cheap!

Where: Blk 498 Jurong West St 41 #01-426 S(640498)
Opening Hours: From 5 pm to 3 am daily.