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Enjoy cashback and the Best GSS offers with ShopBack

In this day and age, most of us are not new to online shopping. But what about earning cashbacks to offset the next purchase like a party dress or heels? It’s not too late to know since GSS 2017 is about to start! ShopBack is a cashback site that rewards you for shopping with more than 500 of their merchant stores. This includes popular online stores like ASOS, Lazada, Zalora, Sephora and purchasing of overseas travel tickets and accomodation on Expedia, Agoda, Hotels.com etc. Each of the stores found at ShopBack has a certain percentage % of cashback to your purchase or has a predetermined cash amount with a minimum spend.   Great Singapore SALE 2017 It basically enables you to get some of your money back – when you do your online shopping with the best deals at ShopBack, a portion of your purchases is given back as Cashback. Getting “paid” to shop is just awesome!!! Recently, I was invited to try out and review ShopBack. You may refer ShopBack‘s videos here to check out how it works. The whole process was safe and so easy to use!    How to use ShopBack Step 1: Sign in with Facebook or Create a New Account.                Click on any store through ShopBack and get redirected to the store’s website Step 2: Shop as usual on store’s site and make a purchase. Remember to click on the store name from ShopBack website so that your purchase will be tracked. Step 3: Get Cashback in your ShopBack account within 48 hours, under the ‘Pending’ tab Step 4: Your Cashback will turn ‘Redeemable’ once order is validated by the merchant. This will take 30-60 days to ensure that there is no order cancellation/return/exchange. Step 5: You can request for payout once you’ve reached Redeemable Cashback of $10.00 Note: (1) Bonus can only be cashed out when your Redeemable Cashback reaches $10.00           : (2) Cash out your Cashback to your PayPal or bank account:     I’m a happy shopper so far and got my cashbacks as above. All items are tracked and the period where I can redeem my cash are shown on the right. WoooHooO!  So….yup, that’s how ShopBack works and I’m just waiting to redeem my money! Hopefully, this post is useful to you. The whole process like I said is really straight forward and if in doubt, you could always look to the friendly ShopBack team. 🙂 Here...

The Natural Lip Scrub

Got Dry, Chapped or Peeling Lips? Here’s a great Homemade Sugar Scrub recipe that would work on your lips! This nourishing natural lip scrub recipe contains ingredients which you can quite likely find in your kitchen! For a nice smelling lip balm, you could add in your favourite essential oils (optional). Why exfoliate your lips? It’s important to exfoliate your lips so that it will help to make the lipstick go on with a nice smooth and even texture. Exfoliating the top layer of the skin at least once a week can help to expose a new soft surface and hydrate the lips at the same time. Exfoliating can also help especially when we work and sleep in air-conditioned rooms where the skins tend to become drier when it’s cold. What are the Ingredients you’ll need?  1 tsp honey (Organic honey will be good to make this recipe even more natural)1 tsp oil (Olive preferred)2 tsp white or brown sugar Mix the honey, sugar and oil well with a wooden spoon to create a fine paste. Drop in the essential oil for added fragrance and healing properties. What are the directions for usage? With clean hands, pat the paste onto your lips and the skin around it and allow it to set for a few minutes. Gently massage in circular motions to remove dead skin cells before rinsing with lukewarm water. Pat dry with a clean towel. Apply a thin layer of olive oil or moisturizing lip balm. You could do this 1-2 times weekly for healthy looking lips! Keep in a small container and store in fridge for longer shelf life. Be careful not to make too much at one go as this recipe is all natural and contains no preservatives. However if you have made extra, then share the DIY goodies with your best gal pals!...

Pretty Fit x ELLE SG Style Workshop

Learnt fashion styles from PrettyFit & ELLE SG with Singapore bloggers Peggy Chang, Evonne and ELLE Fashion Editor at Cityhall! The event showcased some of PrettyFit’s Precious moments collections consisting of heels, wedges, flats, clutches, bags and sunglasses. The ELLE Mag fashion editor got some participants to try out some new styles from the Prettyfit collection and shared tips to match daily outfits and special occasions.  Both Peggy and Evonne tried out different styles recommended by the ELLE for their outfits too. PrettyFit also introduced some of their yet to release shoes designs which will be ready in stores in August 2014 – Refer to the rack on the left.  I tried on some of the designs that caught my eyes… Their footwear pricing ranges from $69.90 to $99.90. Note: There is a store discount of 20% for all original priced items. Blingy Pinkish Flats – for the casual date out   There’s also the black coloured version: Black Glittery Short Heels – suitable for friday and weekends  Pretty Gold and Silver Thick Ribbon Flats – For literally anyday!     I was and am still looking for suitable wedding heels for myself. There was one style which stood out from the rest of the collections for its unique design and blings. If you happen to have good recommendations for a nice looking blingy wedding high heels, please drop me a note. Appreciate it. 🙂  PrettyFit has this really all-so-adorable white pearly polka dots pink flats (that matched my polka dotted pink jeans)!  Oversized sunglasses are great for the upcoming beach trip…!  PrettyFit’s stuff are rather afforable. I just wished that they have more selections on bridal wear as I feel we are limited by the selections of such footwear in Singapore! Most of the heels out there are great for dates or special occasions but not that many are designed for once-in-a-lifetime big events like weddings. Nonetheless, the white heels are definitely in my consideration...

Making Lemon Ice Cubes – Time Saving Tips

I used to really love carbonated and sugary drinks, but I have now developed a liking for healthier choices i.e. Lemon with Water. I noticed that restaurants usually serve up iced water with a couple of lemon slices and sometimes with mint in a big jug. I adore the soury taste of lemon / lime etc. Recently, a friend of mine gave me the idea to make them in bulk by freezing little lemon ice cubes. I bet there are many other people doing this, but I thought it’ll be good to share. What you’ll need 1. Bag of lemons (I used 3 lemons bought from NTUC Fairprice, Singapore) 2. Juicer 3. Ice cube tray Method 1. Start by cutting the lemons into halves. 2. Squeeze them using the hand juicer. The pulps will be collected at the strainer portion of the Juicer. Squeezing the 3. Pour the lemon juice yielded of about a tablespoon’s worth in each ice cube compartment  Optional: I have added the pulps (after removing the lemon seeds) into each ice cube compartment. 5. Put the tray into the fridge and wait for it to freeze. Once the lemon ice cubes are frozen, you can pop them out. Run a little water on the bottoms to loosen the ‘cubes’ if you need to and pop them out of the tray. Store the frozen cubes in an ice cube tray/ freezer bag. That's the amount of pulps and juice you get from 3 lemons My tray of lemon juice and pulps Whenever you want a glass of water with lemon, just add 1 to 2  lemon cubes to your glass or pitcher.  As the ice melts, the lemon will flavour your water. You could try adding mint to the lemon too. Water is essential to life… so always keep hydrated. Share this goodness with your family and...

The Weekly Detoxification Sessions at Fitness First

 The Weekly Detoxification Session begins with Body Pumps at Fitness First! Afterall, I needed some exercise after all the food intake and build some mass and muscles back as well. Body Pump involves alot of arms and legs strength. For people who really want to tone up or build up some muscles, I would think >5kg bells on each side of the bar will do the job in a long run. I usually do just 1kg on each side of the bar. Body Pump Bertram preparing the sound tracks for Class Warming Up I’ve got Shengfang to pose for me on the above photo. Haha. It’s 1 hour of shag-ness and it’s all worth it. Muscle aches will come in when I start work the next day. After the session with Ryan, our cravings for Milk Tea kicked in.. and we settled for KOI!  The bubble tea queue at Westgate is forever so so so long. Shall we do Body Combat the next round? Let’s get moving the Muay Thai way!  At KOI after the Gym...

Pre-Wedding Makeup & Photography – Buddy Kang & XJ

I met up with my long time JC friend – Buddy Kang for dinner after a day’s work at Jurong Point for some simple flair of Hong Kong food. He had finished taking his pre-wedding photos and showed me his stack (IT”S REALLY ONE THICK STACK) of like 500 over photos that he has taken in a day in Singapore. But of cos, there was a top-up fee of $1,000 to his wedding package for that. The quality of takes for indoor and outdoor photography was good I must say! Then anyway, he and his fiancee wanted to take some casual wedding shoots and they are agreeable to be my makeup guinea pigs!!! Haha!!! ^___^ We went shopping at Jurong Point for false eyelashes, mascara, pins, hairsprays etc for the makeover. And here’s the  result of the makeover and photography! I’m just showing some of the raw non-edited photos of them: I like this natural shot 🙂 They brought their own golden frame as props This couple is really sweet! Well… I’m SO V PLEASED and HAPPY with the results though I feel there’s still lots of room for improvement. Thanks Buddy and Xj for sharing your happy moments in life with me and I can’t wait for attend your wedding soon!!!...

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