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The Weekly Detoxification Sessions at Fitness First

 The Weekly Detoxification Session begins with Body Pumps at Fitness First! Afterall, I needed some exercise after all the food intake and build some mass and muscles back as well. Body Pump involves alot of arms and legs strength. For people who really want to tone up or build up some muscles, I would think >5kg bells on each side of the bar will do the job in a long run. I usually do just 1kg on each side of the bar. Body Pump Bertram preparing the sound tracks for Class Warming Up I’ve got Shengfang to pose for me on the above photo. Haha. It’s 1 hour of shag-ness and it’s all worth it. Muscle aches will come in when I start work the next day. After the session with Ryan, our cravings for Milk Tea kicked in.. and we settled for KOI!  The bubble tea queue at Westgate is forever so so so long. Shall we do Body Combat the next round? Let’s get moving the Muay Thai way!  At KOI after the Gym...

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