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China Travel Blog – The Perfect Getaway in Macau at Hotel Okura Macau

This has got to be the BEST VACATION STAY EVER!!! As I have mentioned in my earlier post, we stayed at the Hotel Okura Macau for 2 nights and it’s an unforgettable and amazing experience at the Superior Suite. We were treated like VIPs literally. From the time we Checked-In to the Birthday Surprise preparation by the staff, Room Services (Turn down services), Complimentary F&B vouchers to finally Checking Out… EVERYTHING was just SO DAMN AWESOME!!!   This was what greeted us when we entered the hotel. If you were to wait a while longer, there would be a show on this fountain that discloses a huge diamond under the whole fountain. Magnificent display of water features (it’s better than the water fountain show in Sentosa I feel). Shengfang accompanied us for our hotel check-in. She was staying over at some other hotel as Okura was fully booked! That’s how popular it is. Anyways, the hotel staff brought us from the lobby to the 6th Floor for our check-in at Hotel Okura Executive Lounge. It was a VIP treatment as we were served drinks at the sofa while the check-in was done. After the swift paper work was done, we went straight to check out our Superior Suite room!   This is the living room area.   From our room, we had a good view of the man-made Beach!   They had this Okura Japanese Tea Set for us which included some sort of japanese cake?  🙂 I love Japanese tea sets!   Our bedroom ! We had 2 toilets in the suite and all of toilet bowls are fully automatic / touch-less sort? It’s very fun to play with it. The toilet bowl cover automatically opens up when you approach it and automatically closes when you have finished your business. I would very much want one of these in my own home. Can someone be kind enough to sponsor me please? haha.    A close up view of the buttons and functions for the toilet bowl… I usually check the bath room conditions for hotels and as promised in my booking, we were greeted by the Steam Bath/ Rain Shower (on the left), the Jacuzzi Bathtub (in the middle) and the Sauna (on the right)! FANTASTIC. Even when you’re lazing in the jacuzzi, you could turn on the TV and view all the programs (similar to what I have on my Starhub TV! ) 2 Separate Basins so there’s enough...

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