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Pull your hand brakes!

I rubbed my eyes and blinked twice, a little stunned by what I saw. The van was empty and it seemed to be ZERO cm away from another stationary vehicle. Taking a closer look, it then rained on me that the van driver did not engage his parking brake and this resulted in his van rolling off from its parking lot and colliding into the other vehicle in its way. In this case, I think the car just probably suffered minor dents on his car plate. I cannot imagine the consequences if this had not been a flat road. Be Considerate, Park safe.  So please remember to always engage your parking brake (also called hand brake, erroneously called emergency brake, or e-brake) whenever you park. Don’t take it for granted that your vehicle is on a flat road and it will remain in it’s position after you have parked. This parking brake is a latching brake which is usually used to keep the vehicle stationary so that it doesn’t just roll away all on its own and hit another person, vehicle, building. The last thing you want to see upon returning to your vehicle is that it is missing from its position and probably knocked into something or someone.    ...

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