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Great Singapore Sale 2014 – Credit Card Travel Discounts

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) 2014 has arrived!  From 30 May to 27 July 2014, experience eight weeks of fabulous shopping and enjoy great deals on just about everything, everywhere – from fashion to watches, jewelry, electronics, toys and more, all over Singapore!Besides shopping, this is also the perfect time to indulge in other delectable offers and promotions, from dining to beauty and wellness and even staycations, for a total lifestyle experience. Travel Discounts If you’re planning to travel overseas, get even more discounts at this Great Singapore Sale! There’s now a few credit card companies that have thrown out the carrots for holidays travelers to destinations All Over the World!  1. TIGER AIRWAYS – OCBC Credit/Debit Cardmembers 1-for-1 airfares for OCBC Credit/Debit Cardmembers Enjoy 1-for-1 airfares when buying a one way/return ticket on selected routes originating from Singapore Promotion period: 2-8 June 2014 Travel period: 1 July – 9 November 2014 (subject to availability. Route specific travel period below) Highlights (All-in, Return):  Krabi – $189.00,  Langkawi – $200.00,  Phuket – $212.00, Cebu – $217.25, Hong Kong – $313.64 2. AirAsia 2.5 MILLION FREE SEATS + Airport Fuel & Surcharges – starts from $41 to $56 (One Way) applies. Booking Period: 2 June 2014 – 8 June 2014  Travel Period: 5 January 2015 – 31 July 2015 3. Cathay Pacific Getaway Surprise! – Special fares with Maybank credit cards to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, North America and Europe from $268 Highlights (All-in, Return) – Hong Kong – from $278 Recommendation: Book via expedia.com.sg to get lower fares from $266 for the same dates! 4. SILKAIR – Master Card Credit Cards Promotion 30 kg Baggage Allowance. Highlights – Starting from $199 to places like Bandung, Medan, to $309 to Boracay   5. Singapore Airlines – Masters / American Express Credit Cards If you wish to travel in style, you could consider the Singapore Airlines. I would prefer to take SIA when travelling to places further away like Europe / USA etc. Booking Period: 20 May 2014 to 06 Jul 2014 Travel Period: 01 Jul 2014 to 31 Aug 2014 Highlights (Minimum 2 to go, Return) : Bangkok – from $218                                                                                                          : Hong Kong – from $348...

Hong Kong Travel Blog: #1 – Ah Meow Cat Café, The Cat Lovers’ Paradise

At Ah Meow Cat Café, cat lovers can spend an idyllic afternoon with cats while eating kitty-themed food, drinks and desserts. There are really so many adorable types of cats and they are all either walking around or napping at the shelves or even on the table top. Take the lift to the 3rd floor and turn left. The WHOLE place is decorated with kitty paintings, accessories, merchandise, food etc.  It’ll be best to make a reservation if you intend to dine there as it’s mostly filled when we were there for late lunch at 2.30pm. Cat merchandise Cats Postcards Chocolate Cats! Choco  I like the fish-bone chocolate design. The chocolate pricing is around HKD$15 a piece  / ~SGD$2.50. The cat below was sound asleep on the laptop! There’s many more cats sleeping but you just need to be able to spot them. The table top is also cat-themed. On the food, I personally do not recommend the Udon dish as it’s rather plain. However, do try the Sausage with Fruits Salad. It’s tasty and refreshing. Udon Sausage with Fruit Salad *Thumbs Up* ! Our Group Pic:     Almost every customer there is hooked on taking pictures or playing with the kitties and vying for their attention.   Before we left, we took some pictures with the cat masks! 🙂 Ah Meow Cat Café Po Ming Building, Level 32-6 Foo Ming StreetCauseway BayHong Kong Tel: +852 2710 9953 Cost per pax: ~HKD$40-100 Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs : 12pm – 11pm                                       Fri – Sat : 12pm – 12pm                                       Sun: 12pm – 10pm...

Thailand Travel Blog: Bangkok #2 – Asiatique (Calypso Bangkok)

Asiatique is a must-go for everyone! It’s the new river front night market in Bangkok.  If you are in Bangkok, do make a trip down here to chillax over some food and drinks. It’ll be great to catch the Cabaret Calypso Show – the LadyBoy show which Thailand is famous for. As compared to the usual Hot and Stuffy shopping areas in Bangkok, Asiatique provides a whole new cooling environment for entertainment and dining along Bangkok’s Chao Praya River. The scenery taken on our boat ride to Asiatique… There’s alot of designers who create their own fashion labels and brands and sell them here for a reasonable price. I generally feel that Thai people have lots of passion, drive and artistic talent! I love these accessories! Cabaret Calypso Show Once you’ve reached Asiatique, it’s best to book your seats for the Calypso Cabaret Show as the best seats in the house are snapped up pretty quickly. This show is one of the best in the land of smiles and is done in many different languages. Thailand is well known for their ladyboys and Calypso’s ladyboys are all so dolled up for the show! The performers are ever so enthusiastic and if you were seated in the front row seats, don’t be surprised if they pulled you up to the stage to join them in a dance in their world of glitz and glamour.  🙂 All audiences of the show are allowed to have a photo taking with any of the ladyboys! I found the one closest to the exit the prettiest (far left) haha. Some of these ladyboys really have the physique of a typical girl BUT they are generally taller. Christmas Events!  I love travelling during the christmas period, Firstly it’s to celebrate my birthday  🙂 Secondly, there’s just so many other shops set up everywhere in Bangkok!!! Thirdly, the weather hovers around 25 degrees! WOOT! There’s many shops set up during Christmas period. They sell mainly BBQed / Grilled/ Stir Fried Dishes – Sotongs, Pork, Mushrooms, Chicken, Squids,  Sausages etc. There’s also this really cute icecream store that sells icecreams in shapes of a dog’s paw, heart shape icecreams, ribbons and bows icecreams etc. My friends liked the red bean paste small fruits snack as well. Dining / Food / Drinks   Pets in Asiatique This place is rather pet friendly and we chanced upon a shop selling all cutest pet’s stuff! The store owner allows the pets to roam...

Carousel Royal Plaza on Scotts – Lunch International Buffet

Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts, is famous of its halal certified International Hotel Buffet. This buffet located near Orchard MRT is a popular choice among locals and foreigners as it serves up a wide variety of Seafood, Asian, Chinese, Indian cuisines and also has a wide spread of delicious desserts and fruits. Salad bar Seafood Display at the Front Counter  For lunch, Carousel typically serves up: Japanese, Seafood & Crustacean, Salad & Appetisers, European, Rotisserie, Pasta, Asian & Western Soups, Breads & Rolls, Asian, Chicken Rice, Desserts. As with any International Buffet, I would usually head straight for the (1) Seafood Section first. They had Salmons, Green Mussels, Sweet Clams, Half Shell Scallops, Crabs (Blue Swimming and Mud types), Slipper Lobsters, Main Lobster Claws! Lobster Claws The next section that I love to patronize is the (2) Rotisserie Section. The dish that they were serving up was the Beef Sirloin (Medium done).  My personal preference would have been Medium Rare though. Carousel has also a good selection of (3) Cheese: Blue cheese, Brie cheese, and Fresh Parmesan cheese. I took brie cheese, it has always been my favourite. (4) Desserts: White, Milk and Dark Chocolate, The Orange Chocolate Pearls Cake, Creme Brulee, Puddings, Yam Paste and Ice Cream. This is a must try! Love the crust, so sweet and crispy. Chocolate Cake I love their Creme Brulee with the layer of sweetened icing on top! Thumbs up! This place is highly recommended for Seafood lovers. By the time you stomach down your portion of the seafood, you may not have the stomach to visit the rest of the counters (which makes up 80% of the whole dining area). If you’re not one, I would suggest that you skip this buffet as it’s more costly than the average Asian cuisine buffets (minus the seafood) – it’s just not worth your buck. TIPS: (1) Please call in to book in advance if you wish dine there, especially in big groups. (2) Lunch is strictly from 12:00 to 14:00, I found the timing rather tight. If you’re a fast eater, good for you. Otherwise, you might end up having to gobble your food down if you turn up late. (3) Lobster claws are almost snapped up by 13:00. I have tried asking them before if there were still lobster claws when I couldn’t find any (i only had 1 pathetic claw as I was late). The reply I got was that they do not replace the lobster claws. Thankfully, another waitress was kind enough to serve...

Bangkok #1 – Stay at Centre Point Silom (at Riverside)

When my friends and even colleagues get to know that I’m flying overseas, they speculate, presume and assume that I’m going to Bangkok for every trip! UsuaIly when I’m asked how long a duration is enough, I would recommend the typical traveller 3-4 days… but I tell you, one week is never enough.  I started going bangkok for 5 days with my hall friends (LS, Angie, ah Jon, Xy, Chris) back in the days when we were sporty, tanned and adorned in our Chang Beer uniforms. We went there without knowing what to expect. Both Angie and I thought that the guys wanted to go see Tigers…    FREAK NO, turned out to be  THAI GIRLS and it’s X-rated.        0____0   haha. And so, the trips that usually range from 3 days to 5 days…  stretched to 11 days in the recent years. HAHA.  🙂 I’ll just share some of the places I stayed in and things that I’ve done in my last trip in Dec 2013 with Mr Ho, Ros and Ed! We stayed in at Centrepoint Silom Hotel which was located at the River side. This is a good place to start your trip if you intend to do a riverside boat tour and drop off at various locations to see other parts of Bangkok. The view is good especially if you go up to Lebua State Tower Sky Bar. One of my fave pub areas in BKK.   Centrepoint Silom Hotel Back to the room which is spacious and clean. The corridors of this apartment are huge too. Normally, the walkway for hotels in BKK are rather narrow, but in this place you have plenty of space to even dance around.  The Kitchenette is well equipped with most of the utensils that you’ll need. As for the bath, it comes with a big tub for soaking and a separate room for a quick shower!  🙂 There were quite a few Angmoh & Korean tourists lazing by the poolside in the morning. Overall, the stay in this hotel was good (My score: 7/10)… Comfortable, spacious, close proximity to the riverside and near Lebua State Tower! There’s a shopping centre located right below the hotel where I purchased some of my bras. Street Side Kueh Chap And if you don’t mind, cross the road and you’ll find the hawkers selling delicious street side Kueh Chap (Thailand Chinese Style). $2-3 Bucks for this! And there was this...

The Italian Job at Tablescape Moevenpick Sentosa Singapore

The Bio-Engineers met up for a Italian’s Job dinner buffet at Tablescape – Moevenpick Heritage Sentosa Resort to kick start the weekends!   Tablescape – the hotel’s flagship restaurant is designed in a contemporary style, yet it has a relaxed vibe so guests can appreciate its premium Euro-Asian fusion cuisine in style and comfort. For the dinner buffet, Tablescape offers a selection of heritage menus featuring both western and local cuisines, with a soup and salad bar with ‘live’ cold station, or more casual items like premium pastas, pizzas and sandwiches for those looking for a quick bite to eat. Guests could also order freshly brewed speciality tea (TWG) and coffee and a wide selection of pastries. We got there early and the place was still empty.  🙂 I was craving for the prama ham and we needed somewhere with good, quiet with nice ambience for catchup… and so I suggested to dine over there for a dinner buffet.   Here’s some of the starters… … As the theme for the night was the Italian Job, we could order a freshly made Pasta or some Pizzas as part of our mains. Here’s what’s on my plate haha. I don’t eat much at buffets, it’s normally not that worth for me but I like to see a variety to open up my appetite.   The TWG Tea was on the house! Thanks Moevenpick! 🙂 I sweetened up my night with some desserts at the Desserts counter… Our Group Shot: Thank You All for sharing the travel tips for Hong Kong!  🙂 Anyway guess who I met when I was taking photos on our way out?   MISS CH’NG!!!!  this babe was there for her staycation!!! I want a staycation too. hahaha. Nice to see you around!   🙂 Moevepick Heritage Resort Sentosa  Address:                                                           23 Beach View, Sentosa, Singapore 098679                                                                  +65 6 818 3388    hotel.sentosa(at)moevenpick.com...

Pre-Wedding Makeup & Photography – Buddy Kang & XJ

I met up with my long time JC friend – Buddy Kang for dinner after a day’s work at Jurong Point for some simple flair of Hong Kong food. He had finished taking his pre-wedding photos and showed me his stack (IT”S REALLY ONE THICK STACK) of like 500 over photos that he has taken in a day in Singapore. But of cos, there was a top-up fee of $1,000 to his wedding package for that. The quality of takes for indoor and outdoor photography was good I must say! Then anyway, he and his fiancee wanted to take some casual wedding shoots and they are agreeable to be my makeup guinea pigs!!! Haha!!! ^___^ We went shopping at Jurong Point for false eyelashes, mascara, pins, hairsprays etc for the makeover. And here’s the  result of the makeover and photography! I’m just showing some of the raw non-edited photos of them: I like this natural shot 🙂 They brought their own golden frame as props This couple is really sweet! Well… I’m SO V PLEASED and HAPPY with the results though I feel there’s still lots of room for improvement. Thanks Buddy and Xj for sharing your happy moments in life with me and I can’t wait for attend your wedding soon!!!...

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