Osaka is a food lover’s paradise.  It has a population of 2.5 million and is regarded as a food capitol of Japan. There’s just too much delicious food to eat that makes this place so irresistible for the foodie in us!

Anyways, I had planned this as a 21st* birthday celebration for the hubs and April was indeed one of the best times to travel to Japan! Reasons being:  (1) The weather was cooling, averaging at about 16-20 degrees celsius. (2) The hanamis/sakuras and wisterias are in bloom.



Skies were clear and temperature was at a cool 19degrees when we arrived. We took the train to Osaka Central area to my airbnb booking at Minamimorimachi area. It was my first booking with airbnb as the hotels that I wanted to stay in were fully booked.    


(a) It is advisable to book your hotels early (~6 months in advance) especially when you plan to travel during the peak periods like in April. 

(b) Before you leave the airport, you may want to purchase your sim card from Kansai Airport here.

Not knowing a single bit of Japanese, we were actually lost at the Kansai Airport train station and had to ask for directions. You will need to purchase the tickets from the big panel here, find the pink coloured machine and pay ¥920 to get to Tennoji station to change to Tanimachi Line and take 6 stops to Minamimorimachi Station for another ¥240. Total trip fare: ¥1160 or SG$14.50

KANSAI AIRPORT STATION IMG_20160423_153405.jpg

Pink Coloured Ticket Machine IMG_20160423_153300.jpg

On Board Kansaikuko Line Train IMG_20160423_153825.jpg IMG_20160423_153852.jpg

Transferred to Tanimachi Line IMG_20160423_163235.jpg IMG_20160423_163104.jpg

AIRBNB Booking 

Miki’s apartment was about a 3-5mins walk from the train station and we were delighted to find a 24hrs Family Mart very near it. When we arrived to her apartment, it was all clean, neat and cosy. The wifi was also in great working condition and we tapped on it for our trip. That saved us about ¥4000 for a 2.2GB plan!

IMG_20160423_170325.jpg IMG_20160423_170341.jpg IMG_20160423_170358.jpg

She has also provided Philips hairdryer and some other useful stuff such as cotton pads, makeup remover, lotion, cleansing oil etc. I truly appreciate these small little handy stuff during travels. IMG_20160423_170420.jpg There’s a small space where we can sit on tatamis and lay back on the cushions.IMG_20160423_170445.jpg

I understand that Japan homes are small and having a spacious room is a luxury, so this double decked bed benefits city living lifestyle and allows us to have more roaming space. IMG_20160423_170501.jpg Most of the kitchen utensils such as forks, spoons, plates, bowls, cups are provided here.IMG_20160423_170549.jpg

The bathroom is quite small. Big tubs of shampoo, conditioner, and bathing soap are provided too.IMG_20160423_170613.jpg IMG_20160423_170621.jpg

We didn’t use the kitchen facilities at all as Osaka is really a food paradise. IMG_20160423_170631.jpg Miki’s apartment comes with a washlet which is an electronic toilet seat that uses a water-cleansing system and its seat can be heated up as well.IMG_20160423_170956.jpg IMG_20160423_171916.jpg

Such a sweet and thoughtful host! Thank you Miki! IMG_20160423_170518.jpg

I’ll be blogging about the rest of my trip from Osaka – Okayama – Himeji – Kobe – Kyoto – Nara subsequently. Give me some time ya? Ha 🙂

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