I’ve been to Siam Center, Bangkok for shopping but it’s my first time going to Mr. Jones’ Orphanage located on the 3rd floor – a great recommendation from my BKK travel buddies Mr Ho and Ros.


Their Signboards… IMG_8694.JPG IMG_8692.JPGIMG_8685.JPG


This is a whimsical cafe which serves cakes and drinks. The whole outlook resembles an oversize dollhouse that has a quirky charm with overhanging trains, trains tracks, planes, teddy bears hanging from low lamps and toy soldiers displays etc. 


When we reached there at about 4pm, the place was crowded and all seats were taken on 2 sides of the cafe. We waited in queue for about 20 minutes before we were ushered to our seats. The decor brings back childhood memories and the cakes table display at the entrance is ‘Aww-so-beautiful’.

The Cakes are freshly prepared and made and you could catch the glimpse of the chef preparing your order. Once a cake is sold, it’s sold and usually there’s no replacement of that cake for that day. Then again, you will be so spoilt for vast selections there as most of these cakes are just so exquisite  and tasty!

IMG_8696.JPG IMG_8698.JPG IMG_8705.JPG IMG_8704.JPG IMG_8703.JPG

There is enough to satisfy any kind of sweet tooth, whether you fancy a grown-up semolina, pistachio and honey cake or a scone with jam, or perhaps even my childhood dream cake, a triple chocolate M&M Kitkat cake with chocolate mousse filling. The list doesn’t stop there – they serve cookies, brownies, red velvet cake and a large chocolate and cream cake that looks like an Oreo.

IMG_8706.JPG IMG_8714.JPG IMG_8715.JPG IMG_8716.JPG IMG_8717.JPG

I will suggest that you come with friends and share the cakes as you will be tempted to order more than what you can eat in one go. After eating till you’re sugar high and guilty, you can then go hit the gym!

IMG_8718.JPG IMG_8721.JPG IMG_8720.JPG

In a nutshell, if you’re a cake lover looking for a child-inspired experience, this is the place for you ! The teddy bear toy-theme factory-like cafe is highly patronised by customers, so spare a little while waiting for a free table when you’re there over the weekends.

Mr. Jones’ Orphanage
3rd Floor, Siam Center (BTS Siam)
Tel: 02-658-1163

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