Following my blogpost on Pre-Wedding Photography Thomson Wedding Collections (Part 1), I will now blog about the whole travel photography experience with Thomson Wedding Collections (TWC) in this post.

So just 2 days before we flew to Macau, we visited Fiona at the TWC Tanjong Pagar branch to collect: 4 Gowns, 3 Suits, 1 Can-can, Crystal Flower Bouquet, Hair Accessories, Necklaces and Earrings, Veil. All these are provided by TWV and are required to be brought by us to Macau.


Although TWC had our measurements from earlier fittings, Fiona got us to change into all the clothes again and her staff helped with the last minute alterations. They were quick in making the amendments, say 10-15 minutes. The staff then rolled up and folded the gowns into our baggage and we were all set to go!


1. Please bring a BIG size luggage! We brought a medium sized luggage and had to repack because all the wedding stuff just can’t get into the medium sized luggage… Zzz!

2. The gowns/suits etc. will roughly weigh slightly <20kg. Therefore, select your baggage weight wisely when buying your air tickets

I previously got TWC to prepare a Crystal Flower Bouquet for me (See Blog: The Pre-Wedding Preparation) but it didn’t turn out to be what I expected. Anyway, I didn’t want to be a bride-zilla so I made do with what was done.

IMG_0405 (2).JPG IMG_0702.JPG IMG_0704.JPGIMG_0404.JPG

 This was put into my hand carry baggage as I was required to return it in good shape to TWC after the wedding shot.

— M . A . C . A . U .      P. H . O . T . O . G . R . A .P . H. Y — 

We checked in at Hotel Okura Macau (Blogpost: The Perfect Getaway in Macau at Hotel Okura Macau) for 2 days and I got myself tanned. =__=    A little wrong planning on my end but whatever…

For the actual photography, we checked into Royal Hotel Macau as we didn’t want to spend too much on the room since we would be most of the time outdoors.

This hotel is situated on a steep slope and is near to attractions like Casino Lisboa, which is one of the oldest casinos in Asia, and is also a good base to explore heritage such as Ruins of St Paul’s – a Christian church dating from 1607.

Royal Hotel Macau, Hotel Facade.jpg Royal Hotel Macau, Macau.jpg

The night before the actual wedding shoot, Dawn and Joyce came by our room to confirm the places that we would go for photoshoot, the gowns to wear at the sites and the type of makeup Joyce will do for me. On our laptop, we also went through some of the types of photos and feel we wanted for our photos. These pictures below belong to some other couple who had taken their shots at the Fishman’s Wharf Macau:  IMG_0650.JPG IMG_0651.JPG

All the photos that I’m sharing below here are taken with my Makeup Artist – Joyce’s handphone.

Starting at 5am, I had to shower and blow dry my hair before meeting Joyce at her room at 5.30am. Ed joined us at 7am for his makeup and hairdo.

Our Photography Locations:

(1) Ruins of St Paul’s 

The Ruins of St. Paul’s was built from 1582 to 1602. The cathedral was one of the largest Catholic churches in Asia at the time, and the royalty of Europe vied with each other to bestow upon the cathedral the best gifts. The cathedral was destroyed by a fire during a typhoon on the 26 January 1835 and the ruins now consist of the southern stone façade. 

At this place, you could see some other wedding couples and tourists taking photos too. However, when the tourists saw that we were there for wedding photography, they somewhat automatically shifted away and made a big space for us to take our photos in comfort. 🙂 Thank you!


This Red coloured Macau Letter Box is located somewhere at the bottom of the hill…  IMG_0678.JPG

(2) Rua da Felicidade 

Also known as the Street of Happiness, this “Happy” street was once the main red light district of Macau but is now lined with many tourist shops and restaurants. It is located near Senado Square and Ruins of St Pauls and the whole stretch of shops is painted in red.


(3)  The Guia Fortress 

On our way up to the fortress, we took some retro shots with me in Cheongsam. We had wanted to drop by some cafe but it was tough to navigate driving through aimlessly looking for cafes, so we settled to take some shots with the walls as background.  Note: It’s advisable to identify the cafe first before driving around aimlessly as time is crucial for this 1 day photography.


My pin-up retro hairdo…


The Guia Fortress is part of the Historic City Center of Macau – UNESCO World Heritage Sight. It was built between 1617 to 1626 and occupies the highest point in Macau.  It was built to defend Macau against attacks from the sea but also served as a valuable observation post.  The most prominent remaining feature is the 15 meter high lighthouse, which is the oldest on the China coast, built in 1895.  

The Pin-up hairdo for another wedding gown:

IMG_0695.JPG IMG_0696.JPG

The subsequent shots here…. are probably one of the more memorable photos I have ever taken in a gown. We were standing on this brick wall with a width of say ~25cm? If we were to miss our step, I think we will meet Saint Peter.

It was REALLY SCARY! Dawn even requested me to face outwards (towards the city) then turn my head backwards for her to take  a shot. *OMGGGGG* I did try but I couldn’t do it in the end! Wearing the gown and doing that stunt as per her request requires guts and any wrong move will cause me to plunge straight down like 20 meters to the ground.

IMG_0697.JPG IMG_0699.JPG

Seated was definitely a better option for this shot. Haha. IMG_0700.JPG

We took some photos at the steps too!


(4) Penha Church

It is a tough walk up to this Church but it was worth it for the panoramic view. 

There were more than 5 couples there for photography by the time we reach, and we had to queue for slots to take our photography. Zzz. Then again, this is a place I would highly recommend for photo taking because the effects can be really splendid if your photographer is able to capture the whole backdrop.

By the way, I love this dress! So glad that I picked it as one of the wedding outfits. 🙂

IMG_0721.JPG IMG_0722.JPG IMG_0723.JPG

And off we go to the next destination…IMG_0730.JPG

(5) The Venetian Macao

Most people who travel to Macau will drop by the Venetian where you’ll find one of the finest all-suite luxury resort in Asia. This place is also known for its world-class duty-free shopping, sensational entertainment and irresistible dining options all under one roof. I love buying the caramelized and cripsy Egg Tarts here (HKD$8 only!)

See Blog: Canal Shoppes Venetian Macau 


 The above shot was taken in a rush. We had just that few seconds to pose and take a shot and had to quickly move on as photography in gowns were apparently not allowed indoors as informed by Dawn.


Dawn saw Joyce taking pics of me and stood very still. Haha 🙂 IMG_0655.JPG

And then, she started showing me some poses. This photographer is such a joy to be with. 🙂 Do not get offend by her KNS vulgarities, she actually means well!IMG_0656.JPG

Both of us having a good laugh. 🙂  IMG_0657.JPG

As usual, she would adjust my dress before the phototaking. IMG_0658.JPG

I love this mermaid turquoise wedding gown too. It’s actually not that heavy and is in fact quite comfortable to be in. IMG_0662.JPG

MUA Joyce and me   🙂  IMG_0666.JPG


One of my Fave Shots:




(6) A Random Chinese Temple 

We parked our car and chanced upon this old Chinese temple.


(7) Casino Wynn and Grand Lisboa

Wynn Macau Water Fountain Show.jpg

At around 7pm everyday, there will be a lights fountain show  at The Wynn Macau Casino where lofty plumes of water and fire shimmer dance through the air to classical and popular music. Even if you’re not there for pre-wedding photography, you may be in awe by the delightful illumination of water, light, colour and fire. This vibrant performance expresses a complexity of moods, rhythms and emotions which provides fascinating entertainment.

IMG_0752.JPG IMG_0756.JPG

These photos were taken at Casino Wynn with Grand Lisboa as the backdrop.

The other photography locations we went to are: Senado Square,  St Dominic’s Church and Fisherman’s Wharf. They are not shown here because we were too busy rushing from places to places taking photos! Haha.

Anyways, it was a really nice gesture of Joyce to help us out so much, not just on makeup but on other miscellaneous matters like taking  care of our belongings, helping to throw the dress or veil when requested by the photographer, helping to take some backstage photos, and also taking some photos of with her camera and sharing the pictures with us… Thank you Joyce & Dawn! We are extremely thrilled to have engaged you both as our MUA and Photographer! Your services are terrific 🙂 !


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