We are almost done with our pre-wedding photography and are waiting for our photos to be edited *Yay*!

I will be blogging about our Pre-Wedding Photography experiences with Thomson Wedding Collection (TWC) in 3 parts:

PART 1) The Trial – Spotting the Perfect Wedding Gowns for Photoshoot

adriennehoxy Wedding Dress Thomson Wedding Collection .jpg


PART 2) Pre-Wedding Photography Experience in Macau
PART 3) Outcome of the Pre-Wedding Photos (New Post!)

[1] The Trial – Spotting the Perfect Wedding Gowns for Photoshoot

After Michelle (the Lady Boss) sold us the pre-wedding photography package, the next thing we needed to do was to visit their shop at Tanjong Pagar to select our gowns.

There are two levels at their shop house. The first level showcases their latest white wedding gowns, while the second floor showcases more of the outdoor photography gowns.

I was introduced to Fiona (Michelle’s younger sister) who assisted with my selection of gowns. Fiona is extremely helpful and recommended the styles which she thinks would suit me better.

For my package, I was allowed to select a total of 4 gowns (regardless of length).

The photos below are some of the gowns that I’ve tried on…


IMG_9504.JPG IMG_9505.JPG IMG_9507.JPG

 The White Gown below is what I selected in the end. It just reminded me of two tiered cupcakes! IMG_9506.JPG

 I felt that the hardest to decide on was the white gowns because TWC has so many designs for you to choose from. But Brides-To-Be (BTB) only can pick one gown out of the whole selection!      ARGH.   COLOURED GOWNS   Now, moving on to the coloured gowns.   My skin type is towards the darker skin tone, hence I avoided all biege or brownish coloured gowns.   Black Laced Long Gown Black Lacy Gown Thomson Wedding Collection adriennehoxy.jpg   Bright Sunny Yellow Layered Gown IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0002.JPG   A similar version of the gown above can also be found in red.   Red Layered Gown IMG_9997.JPG   Dark Purple Gown with Crystals belt IMG_0009.JPG   Simple Royal Blue Gown IMG_9499.JPG   Princess Cut Red Gown IMG_9500.JPG   White & Pink layered Mermaid cut Gown IMG_9501.JPG   Turquoise Mermaid Cut Gown with Hot Pink Flowers IMG_9502.JPG   Note for Brides considering to sign up with TWC:   1. TWC has got more white gowns for selection rather than coloured gowns. In fact, if you were to sign up the Actual Day (AD) Photography with them, you’ll get to pick the latest and much more beautifully designed gowns (Sweethearts, Enchanted, Mermaid, Princess, Laced, Layered etc. ) found at the first floor. Check them out before signing up.   2. TWC has good looking coloured gowns but they are new and not allowed for outdoor photography. AD will be okay.   3. The service rendered by Fiona is fabulous. Thank you for assisting us in our gowns and suits selection! Although I made a request to change one of the gowns selected and spent close to 3 hours picking the last gown, I could see that Fiona still tried her best to introduce some other gowns for me to try on. And this was at No Extra Charges too. Thank you so much!      

TWC Location

 71 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088492
Tel: +65 6227 6008

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Thomson Wedding Collections (TWC) Experience:             Part 2) Pre Wedding Photography Macau Experience                       Part 3) Outcome of the Pre-Wedding Shots