Arteastiq – The Arts and Tea Lovers Paradise

Arteastiq Blog – I have been wanting to try out this place after reading magazines and hearing people raving about it. Arteastiq offers a unique tea experience combined with all day breakfast and even painting sessions for both art and tea lovers alike. The interior design is mainly decorated with exotic chandeliers, 2 long rows of colourful victorian chairs and stalks of white flowers, roses. I thought it might have been better if they change-out some of the furniture as they seemed worn overtime though. See the faded turquoise coloured chair? Other than the main restaurant which serves a hearty menu of artisan teas and marvelous food dishes, there is also an art studio just next to it! We were there at about 11am for brunch and the art jamming classes have not started but the rows of empty art canvases have already been set up for the customers. Taking a snapshot with their mirror… The food menu was impressive. Here’s the brunch menu and along with the artisan tea range: Arteastiq serves up delicious All Day breakfast sandwiches, cakes, tarts and fruit tea! Splendid. Latte… with a little heart shape art work. My hot serving of Mint Lemon Grass Tea: The way they serve up the drinks on the wooden tray with gold handles look good, especially with their store name branded on it. The Big Breakfast (SGD$22.80++) includes scrambled eggs, bacons, Italian cheese sausage, Portobello mushroom, pan-friend potato-broccoli medalion, cheesy roasted tomato, mesculun salad. Set Meal: Viva La Fiesta Quesadilla (SGD$11++) — Smoked turkey ham with Brie cheese, dried apricot, alfalfa sprouts and cranberry sauce The full order for the both of us: Before we left, I was inspired to get an artwork done too! It looks like fun and I signed the both of us up for their art session at Parsabella – Turf City subsequent. The post will be up soon! My overall verdict Food Quality & Presentation: 8/10. What more can I say for with fanciful displays for a ladies chat up session? 🙂 Service: 8/10 – noticed there were 3 drinks? We didn’t bother at first as we were busy chatting! We actually didn’t even touch the drink but the service staff came over like a min later to apologise for sending the wrong drink over and told us that it was on the house. Other than that, their service was prompt, attitude was good too. Ambience: 7/10. I would have given 8 or 9...

Thailand Travel Blog – Bangkok Sanrio Hello Kitty House

I was super delighted upon hearing that Thailand has its first Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok in Siam Square One shopping mall! This Hello Kitty’s main focus is on sweet treats. Only premium ingredients are used such as butter and flour from France, chocolate from Belgium and strawberries from Japan and Korea, are used in the cakes and pastries, with more than 30 kinds of desserts available every day. 🙂 Hello Kitty House Store Front Thankfully my travel pals were accommodating enough to accompany me there. Initially I thought that this Hello Kitty House is a cafe only, but it is has also the other departments such as the spa and gift shop all combined under one roof. We were there in the afternoon and queued (whilst seated on the bench located outside the cafe) for about 15 mins before we were served. The whole concept is just so PINK. Pink Kitty, Pink leather chairs, Pink banquettes, Pink Sugar servings, Pink bottles etc. It’s as if we’re wearing pink tinted glasses when we are in the cafe.  🙂   Kawaii! Just in case you’re tired of waiting to be served, you could get yourself a drink at their counter too. I didn’t manage to take the photos of the kitty plastic cups which are available on sale too. Upon entering the cafe, we were greeted by the selection of pretty Hello Kitty cakes, pancakes, cupcakes etc on the left. I wished there were more cakes made in the kitty face shape just like the ones sold in Singapore’s Breadtalk. Haha. Other than cakes, there’s also light meals such as Sushi, and drinks such as Coffee, Tea and Smoothies. This place is a self-service cafe. So its good to have a friend seated at the assigned table by the waitress then proceed to make your orders at the counter. The price ranges from 30baht to 280baht which is still rather affordable. On the right, there is this super big framed hello kitty face outline which demarcates the other section of the cafe and a life size statue of kitty having a teabreak.   Check out the seats. I super love the chairs! We were seated on the ground floor but there’s actually another level for more seats upstairs too. The whole cafe can cater up to 150 pax apparently. Therefore I think it’s actually possible for fans to do a 16th / 21st/ 30th or even 50th and 60th birthday celebration at this place,...

TCC – The Connoisseur Concerto

During this season of the Great Singapore Sale (GSS), TCC is currently offering a 1-for-1 promotion on their main dishes and pastas for their members. Most of my family and friends are already members and we took the opportunity to feast again on our favourite dishes at TCC! Note: To qualify for membership, you will need to spend just SGD$80 on one receipt. The great thing about this membership is during your birthday month, you get 50% off your bill (excluding 7% GST and 10% Service Charge) for the first visit of your birthday month and 30% off for your second visit.   The Appetizers Wild Mushroom Bisque This is a bowl of creamy wild mushrooms broth served with garlic bread. Their mushroom soup is not too thick and this bowl alone is likely to make you full, therefore it’s good to share unless you have a big appetite. The Tuna Salad is also a must-try. There are 5 pieces of tuna per plate tossed with homemade citrus-miso dressing.  Tuna Fish Salad Pastas This has got to be my personal favourite pasta – the Spaghetti Aglio Olio flavoured with chilli and garlic and accompanied with prawns and pan-seared scallops. I have eaten this dish for at least 10 times so far and I’m pretty sure that I’ll order this at my next visit. Note: This dish is rather spicy due to the chilli padis and seeds found in the whole dish. You could request for a less spicy dish when placing your order. Seafood Aglio Olio  A new dish added to the menu recently is the Soft-shell Crab with Black Pepper Pasta. It’s my second favourite pasta now. The Spaghetti is tossed in spicy teriyaki black pepper sauce, crowned with crispy fried soft-shell crab and asparagus spears. I love the generous serving of tobiko as the garnishing too. As for this Chicken Spaghetti, the taste is just so-so. I do not recommend this as the above two choices are definitely better than this. Mains TCC has a good selection of great tasting healthy main dishes too! This is one place where you can feast on delectable, guilt-free food!   Oven-roasted Spring Chicken with Brown Jus Beef Striploin with Yakiniku Butter Sauce Snacks If you’re looking just to have some munchies or small bites, try the hearty portion of wedges with irresistible melted cheese dip. Otherwise, the Shrooms Bite – a delicious light puff pastry filled with a sautéed mushroom ragout will make a great choice too. Drinks Hazelnut Latte Caramel Ginger Crumble...

Thailand Travel Blog – Bangkok Mr Jones Orphanage at Siam Center

I’ve been to Siam Center, Bangkok for shopping but it’s my first time going to Mr. Jones’ Orphanage located on the 3rd floor – a great recommendation from my BKK travel buddies Mr Ho and Ros. Their Signboards…    This is a whimsical cafe which serves cakes and drinks. The whole outlook resembles an oversize dollhouse that has a quirky charm with overhanging trains, trains tracks, planes, teddy bears hanging from low lamps and toy soldiers displays etc.  When we reached there at about 4pm, the place was crowded and all seats were taken on 2 sides of the cafe. We waited in queue for about 20 minutes before we were ushered to our seats. The decor brings back childhood memories and the cakes table display at the entrance is ‘Aww-so-beautiful’. The Cakes are freshly prepared and made and you could catch the glimpse of the chef preparing your order. Once a cake is sold, it’s sold and usually there’s no replacement of that cake for that day. Then again, you will be so spoilt for vast selections there as most of these cakes are just so exquisite  and tasty! There is enough to satisfy any kind of sweet tooth, whether you fancy a grown-up semolina, pistachio and honey cake or a scone with jam, or perhaps even my childhood dream cake, a triple chocolate M&M Kitkat cake with chocolate mousse filling. The list doesn’t stop there – they serve cookies, brownies, red velvet cake and a large chocolate and cream cake that looks like an Oreo. I will suggest that you come with friends and share the cakes as you will be tempted to order more than what you can eat in one go. After eating till you’re sugar high and guilty, you can then go hit the gym! In a nutshell, if you’re a cake lover looking for a child-inspired experience, this is the place for you ! The teddy bear toy-theme factory-like cafe is highly patronised by customers, so spare a little while waiting for a free table when you’re there over the weekends. Mr. Jones’ Orphanage3rd Floor, Siam Center (BTS Siam)Tel: 02-658-1163 Related Posts: 1. Stay at Centre Point Silom (At Riverside)2. Bloody Delicious Pig’s Blood Soup 3. Asiatiq (Calypso Bangkok) style=”display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-1687088552728435″...

The Red Velvet Cake

I have been getting my Red Velvet Cake fixes at Pasarbella and some other cafes and decided that it’s time to make my own and share with my family. I just needed to make my own! 🙂 I started off with Betty Crocker’s recipe again for the Red Velvet cake mix. This is a simple and straightforward recipe that’s good to make for kids too. Betty Crocker's Super Moist Red Velvet Cake There’s something about a red velvet cake that always makes me feel good inside. And it’s not just the taste. It’s the memories it brings of family, holidays and home. The best occasion to eat this traditional cake is during Christmas and I totally love the holiday season. Red Velvet Cake Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix (Red Velvet) 1 1/4 Cups of water 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil 3 Eggs 1. HEAT  Heat oven to 350 degrees F / 165 degrees C for shiny metal or glass pan or Heat oven to 325 degrees F for dark or nonstick pan. Grease the bottom and sides of your pan (use paper baking cups for cupcakes). Ensure that the Glass Pan is well greased 2. BEAT Beat the cake mix, water, oil and eggs in a large bowl on low speed for 30 seconds, then on medium speed for 2 minutes, scraping bowl occasionally (batter will be lumpy).  The completed mixture Pour into Glass Pan when done. 3. BAKE The bake time differs according to the size of pan you use. 13″ x 9″ = 30-35 mins Two 8″ Rounds = 30 – 35 mins Two 9″ Rounds = 25-30 minutes 24 Cupcakes (2/3 full) 18-23 minutes 12-Cup Fluted Tube (bundt) = 40-45 minutes For the glass pan that I used, I baked for about 35 minutes. Use a toothpick and insert it into the center, it should come out clean. Otherwise, continue baking a while longer until your toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes before removing from pan. Baking's done for the red velvet cake Cool completely before frosting. Suggestion: Once the Red Velvet Cake layers have been baked and cooled, it is recommended to place the cake layers in the refrigerator (for several hours) or freezer (for at least an hour) before frosting. This extra step makes the spreading of the frosting a much easier task as a freshly baked cake is quite fragile and when you try to spread the frosting there is a tendency...

Hong Kong Travel Blog: #1 – Ah Meow Cat Café, The Cat Lovers’ Paradise

At Ah Meow Cat Café, cat lovers can spend an idyllic afternoon with cats while eating kitty-themed food, drinks and desserts. There are really so many adorable types of cats and they are all either walking around or napping at the shelves or even on the table top. Take the lift to the 3rd floor and turn left. The WHOLE place is decorated with kitty paintings, accessories, merchandise, food etc.  It’ll be best to make a reservation if you intend to dine there as it’s mostly filled when we were there for late lunch at 2.30pm. Cat merchandise Cats Postcards Chocolate Cats! Choco  I like the fish-bone chocolate design. The chocolate pricing is around HKD$15 a piece  / ~SGD$2.50. The cat below was sound asleep on the laptop! There’s many more cats sleeping but you just need to be able to spot them. The table top is also cat-themed. On the food, I personally do not recommend the Udon dish as it’s rather plain. However, do try the Sausage with Fruits Salad. It’s tasty and refreshing. Udon Sausage with Fruit Salad *Thumbs Up* ! Our Group Pic:     Almost every customer there is hooked on taking pictures or playing with the kitties and vying for their attention.   Before we left, we took some pictures with the cat masks! 🙂 Ah Meow Cat Café Po Ming Building, Level 32-6 Foo Ming StreetCauseway BayHong Kong Tel: +852 2710 9953 Cost per pax: ~HKD$40-100 Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs : 12pm – 11pm                                       Fri – Sat : 12pm – 12pm                                       Sun: 12pm – 10pm...

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