Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe with a Twist

I was craving for tantalizing pretty desserts and was attracted by the French-Japanese inspired dishes at Miam Miam – Westgate Jurong as it looked promising. It serves up flavours and ingredients of Japan prepared with French artisan cooking techniques. When I visited the restaurant at 6pm on a weekend, the queue had already formed and the restaurant was rather full. The wait time was about 15 minutes before I could get a seat.   There are no lack of choices at Miam Miam with home made spaghettis, French bisques and sandwiches, pancakes, soufflés, parfaits, rice and a selection of matcha drinks and coffee. Every food dish is made from scratch, therefore you will need to wait a little while from between 15 to 30 minutes for your food. The ambience and atmosphere at the Westgate outlet are just Plain Amazing. Love the choice of lightings and colourful selection of chairs and plush sofa corner seats that are comfy.  After SP arrived, we proceeded to make our orders! Seafood Tomato Cream Spaghetti – SGD$18.80 This dish comes with flavours of the sea – squids, green mussels, prawns, scallops and clams topped with garlic mayonnaise. The portion is good for 2 pax. Great for sharing! Initially, SP thought that I have ordered Seafood CURRY spaghetti as the sauce resembled those of the Indian curry. Taste wise, this dish is quite okay. Maybe because I am biased towards TCC’s seafood aglio olio? [See my previous post on Tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto] Riz Noir Black Rice – SGD$17.80 This has got to be one of the best Squid Ink Rice ever! It makes your teeth black when you’re eating it but it’s just so tasty that you’ll forget about how you look whilst digging into this dish.   Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé – $13.80 One of the best sellers in Miam Miam is the Valrhona Chocolate Souffle. Almost all tables were ordering this dessert and we just gotta try it!   Indulge in a true moment of ecstasy with heavenly decadent melted chocolate on top of your souffle!   Meetup with SP 🙂 Recommendation: 1. This restaurant has a policy which allows groups to enter only when all the guests have arrived. 2. Note that the desserts come 30 minutes after your main dishes are served. Therefore, you may want to request for a delay in the serving say 45 minutes.   Locations Miam Miam @ Westgate #01-21/22 Westgate 3 Gateway Drive Singapore 608532 Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction...

Ji De Chi Dessert Liang Seah Street Bugis

After our Korean Dinner at Wang Dae Bak Restaurant, we headed to Chinatown looking for desserts but Mei Heong Yuen Dessert store was closed at 10pm!? Upset that our desserts plans were foiled, the girls swiftly decided on satisfying their desserts cravings at Bugis Liang Seah Street. Usually we would have headed for Ah Chew Desserts but the queue for seats was way too long!  Jer then recommended that we try Ji De Chi  but it was equally packed on a weekend. Thank goodness for her contact, otherwise we would have to wait even longer!  Anyways, a form was given to us readily to fill up our orders. We had to pass it to the staff once we were done and make payment at the cashier before the food was served.  My All-time favourite – Mango with Pomelo Sago tasted very good.   Jer tried the Durian Shaved Ice SGD$6.00 and the taste of the durian is creamy and sweet! Love it! The shaved ice is thinly shaved and is so soft and smooth that I took quite a few mouthfuls of her dessert.    Shengfang’s Mango Ice with Mango Icecream. (Do note that this is not a shaved ice dessert. Look carefully before ordering as there are quite a number of mango desserts in the menu.) It’s still a good choice but shaved ice would have been nicer.  Other great tasting dishes are the Green Tea Snow Ice with the yummy red beans and nata de coco and Black and White Sesame Paste which has a Rich, Mellow Taste.  Another flavourful Hot Dessert is the Double Boiled Snow Pear with Chuan Bei & Red Dates. We also won a Herbal Jelly (SGD$2.30) from a Scratch to Win card!  It has a natural bitter taste and tastes great with honey poured over it. Wish us luck in this lucky draw! Wish us luck in the grand draw!   1. Ji De Chi (Liang Seah Street)8 Liang Seah Street #01-03Tel: 6339 9928Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs 11am – 11pm                              Fri & Sat 11am – 1130pm  Note: Ji De Chi has three outlets. The other two outlets are located in Jurong Point and Plaza Singapura.  2. Ji De Chi (Jurong Point) 63 Jurong West Central 3 Jurong Point (New Wing) #03-102/103/104 Tel : 6794 8887Opening Hours: 11am-10pm 3. Ji De Chi (Plaza Singapura) 68 Orchard Road #B2-53Basement 2, Plaza Singapura Tel : 63379828Opening Hours:...

Thailand Travel Blog – Bangkok Mr Jones Orphanage at Siam Center

I’ve been to Siam Center, Bangkok for shopping but it’s my first time going to Mr. Jones’ Orphanage located on the 3rd floor – a great recommendation from my BKK travel buddies Mr Ho and Ros. Their Signboards…    This is a whimsical cafe which serves cakes and drinks. The whole outlook resembles an oversize dollhouse that has a quirky charm with overhanging trains, trains tracks, planes, teddy bears hanging from low lamps and toy soldiers displays etc.  When we reached there at about 4pm, the place was crowded and all seats were taken on 2 sides of the cafe. We waited in queue for about 20 minutes before we were ushered to our seats. The decor brings back childhood memories and the cakes table display at the entrance is ‘Aww-so-beautiful’. The Cakes are freshly prepared and made and you could catch the glimpse of the chef preparing your order. Once a cake is sold, it’s sold and usually there’s no replacement of that cake for that day. Then again, you will be so spoilt for vast selections there as most of these cakes are just so exquisite  and tasty! There is enough to satisfy any kind of sweet tooth, whether you fancy a grown-up semolina, pistachio and honey cake or a scone with jam, or perhaps even my childhood dream cake, a triple chocolate M&M Kitkat cake with chocolate mousse filling. The list doesn’t stop there – they serve cookies, brownies, red velvet cake and a large chocolate and cream cake that looks like an Oreo. I will suggest that you come with friends and share the cakes as you will be tempted to order more than what you can eat in one go. After eating till you’re sugar high and guilty, you can then go hit the gym! In a nutshell, if you’re a cake lover looking for a child-inspired experience, this is the place for you ! The teddy bear toy-theme factory-like cafe is highly patronised by customers, so spare a little while waiting for a free table when you’re there over the weekends. Mr. Jones’ Orphanage3rd Floor, Siam Center (BTS Siam)Tel: 02-658-1163 Related Posts: 1. Stay at Centre Point Silom (At Riverside)2. Bloody Delicious Pig’s Blood Soup 3. Asiatiq (Calypso Bangkok) style=”display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-1687088552728435″...

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