Making Lemon Ice Cubes – Time Saving Tips

I used to really love carbonated and sugary drinks, but I have now developed a liking for healthier choices i.e. Lemon with Water. I noticed that restaurants usually serve up iced water with a couple of lemon slices and sometimes with mint in a big jug. I adore the soury taste of lemon / lime etc. Recently, a friend of mine gave me the idea to make them in bulk by freezing little lemon ice cubes. I bet there are many other people doing this, but I thought it’ll be good to share. What you’ll need 1. Bag of lemons (I used 3 lemons bought from NTUC Fairprice, Singapore) 2. Juicer 3. Ice cube tray Method 1. Start by cutting the lemons into halves. 2. Squeeze them using the hand juicer. The pulps will be collected at the strainer portion of the Juicer. Squeezing the 3. Pour the lemon juice yielded of about a tablespoon’s worth in each ice cube compartment  Optional: I have added the pulps (after removing the lemon seeds) into each ice cube compartment. 5. Put the tray into the fridge and wait for it to freeze. Once the lemon ice cubes are frozen, you can pop them out. Run a little water on the bottoms to loosen the ‘cubes’ if you need to and pop them out of the tray. Store the frozen cubes in an ice cube tray/ freezer bag. That's the amount of pulps and juice you get from 3 lemons My tray of lemon juice and pulps Whenever you want a glass of water with lemon, just add 1 to 2  lemon cubes to your glass or pitcher.  As the ice melts, the lemon will flavour your water. You could try adding mint to the lemon too. Water is essential to life… so always keep hydrated. Share this goodness with your family and...

Herbal Black Chicken Soup

I had the cravings for Herbal Black Chicken Soup after my Gym Session (See Post on: ‘The Weekly Detoxification Sessions at Fitness First”) and headed straight for NTUC to get my ingredients. For those who have tried, I’m sure you are familiar with the taste. The soup is very fragrant, flavourful with natural sweetness in the palate. Some people add Hua Diao Jiu/Wine to enhance the taste of the soup. Basically, this soup is real healthy and has added benefits for everyone in the family. Ingredients 1 whole Silkie aka Black Chicken, with Skin, Head removed.  (SGD$5) Herbs & Spices   a) You could buy those ready-packed versions at NTUC/Cold Storage etc. (SGD$4-7) like what I usually would do… OR add the following (Typical Recipe) b) 20 grams of Ginseng  or Codonopsis Pilosulae “Dang shen” c) 15 grams of Wolfberries, about 1 tablespoon d) 10 grams of Chinese Angelicae Root “Dang gui” e) 5 grams of Rhizoma “Chuan xiong” f) 6 grams of Liquorice Root g) 10 gram of Dried Longan then add h) 6 cups of water to a large pot such that it’s 50% filled. Optional ingredient Dried Scallops for extra texture and taste.   Recommendation 1) On the above, you could choose to remove the skin of the chicken so that you’ll consume 50% less fat. 2) You may chop the chicken into quarters for easy cooking. 3) There are many different types of packeted herbs. Benefits of the herbs are usually described at the back of the packet and targeted at things like lungs, promoting longevity, coughs etc. Choose the one that suits you & your family best. 4) Time required to prepare 10 minutes. Time taken to cook the soup is about 10 minutes with high pressure cooker or 1/2 a day for slow cooker. Benefits of cooking with the slow cooker is that it will make the whole soup sweeter plus the chicken meat will be less tough. MY BLACK HERBAL CHICKEN SOUP, all ready to serve. This is probably one of the easiest, tastiest and healthiest Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) soups ever to make. And I’m always loving my black chicken soup!   What are the Benefits of Chicken? In general provides a significant amount of niacin, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  What exactly makes black chicken so good? The answer could lie in the naturally occurring antioxidant carnosine. Carnosine is also used as a supplement to “protect against ageing and to alleviate diseases such...

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