Tenryu Dining & Teahouse – Japanese Delights

Tucked in a quiet estate of Dairy Farm Estate situated within Upper Bukit Timah area, we dined at this family owned Japanese restaurant which is a true hidden gem. The tranquility and serenity of the surrounding homes make this place exceptionally cosy and inviting.   Red Wines I like their selection of red wines here and so we ordered a bottle of Chateau Du Barrailh for sharing.   Japanese Delicacies Edamame – Boiled Green Soyabean Tamago – Egg Omelette  Braised Pork This is a MUST try. This braised pork is so tasty and soft and has a unique taste to it! It’s somewhat different from our Chinese sort of braised pork but extremely yummy. 🙂   Sashimi Go for the 7 kinds of assorted Sashimi selections if you’re a fan of raw fish food. It’s very fresh, mouth watering and appetizing. Even the leaves and flowers served with the dish are fresh. Usually, the Salmon, Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi), Octopus (Tako), Scallop (Hotate), Swordfish (Mekajiki), Tuna (Maguro) will be served up but this really depends on what is available in their kitchen.  I would add the Salmon Fish Roe (Ikura) to my Sashimi dish to satisfy my Japanese cuisine cravings. PS: The Sashimis are on 50% off every THURSDAY! Just too bad we don’t go on Thursdays…  haha.    Salmon with Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) toppings What more can I say? I absolutely am in love with their fish. Grilled Fish Cheek (Kama Shio Yaki) This dish was recommended by the Jesintha (the lady supervisor in the restaurant dressed in kimono) as she claimed that it’s a top favourite in the restaurant. And I do agree with her on that. Now, we’re hooked on the tenderness and freshness of the fish cheeks that we just got to order it every time we are there. PS: This dish may be sold out at times due to its popularity. Do check with Jesintha on the availability.  Salmon with Butter (Salmon Butter Yaki)  I prefer eating salmon raw but this salmon cooked with butter tastes tantalizing too. Noodle Kitshun Udon has got to be my fave udon noodle there. It is served with sweet fried bean curd and seaweed. Rice (Gohan) The Garlic Fried Rice here is very fragrant and you could see alot of garlic flakes placed on top of the rice with a generous serving of green onions! Love this and it’s just SGD$5 a bowl.  🙂 Ice Cream Yuzu icecream has this citrus and refreshing taste and makes...

Ji De Chi Dessert Liang Seah Street Bugis

After our Korean Dinner at Wang Dae Bak Restaurant, we headed to Chinatown looking for desserts but Mei Heong Yuen Dessert store was closed at 10pm!? Upset that our desserts plans were foiled, the girls swiftly decided on satisfying their desserts cravings at Bugis Liang Seah Street. Usually we would have headed for Ah Chew Desserts but the queue for seats was way too long!  Jer then recommended that we try Ji De Chi  but it was equally packed on a weekend. Thank goodness for her contact, otherwise we would have to wait even longer!  Anyways, a form was given to us readily to fill up our orders. We had to pass it to the staff once we were done and make payment at the cashier before the food was served.  My All-time favourite – Mango with Pomelo Sago tasted very good.   Jer tried the Durian Shaved Ice SGD$6.00 and the taste of the durian is creamy and sweet! Love it! The shaved ice is thinly shaved and is so soft and smooth that I took quite a few mouthfuls of her dessert.    Shengfang’s Mango Ice with Mango Icecream. (Do note that this is not a shaved ice dessert. Look carefully before ordering as there are quite a number of mango desserts in the menu.) It’s still a good choice but shaved ice would have been nicer.  Other great tasting dishes are the Green Tea Snow Ice with the yummy red beans and nata de coco and Black and White Sesame Paste which has a Rich, Mellow Taste.  Another flavourful Hot Dessert is the Double Boiled Snow Pear with Chuan Bei & Red Dates. We also won a Herbal Jelly (SGD$2.30) from a Scratch to Win card!  It has a natural bitter taste and tastes great with honey poured over it. Wish us luck in this lucky draw! Wish us luck in the grand draw!   1. Ji De Chi (Liang Seah Street)8 Liang Seah Street #01-03Tel: 6339 9928Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs 11am – 11pm                              Fri & Sat 11am – 1130pm  Note: Ji De Chi has three outlets. The other two outlets are located in Jurong Point and Plaza Singapura.  2. Ji De Chi (Jurong Point) 63 Jurong West Central 3 Jurong Point (New Wing) #03-102/103/104 Tel : 6794 8887Opening Hours: 11am-10pm 3. Ji De Chi (Plaza Singapura) 68 Orchard Road #B2-53Basement 2, Plaza Singapura Tel : 63379828Opening Hours:...

Thailand Travel Blog: Bangkok #2 – Asiatique (Calypso Bangkok)

Asiatique is a must-go for everyone! It’s the new river front night market in Bangkok.  If you are in Bangkok, do make a trip down here to chillax over some food and drinks. It’ll be great to catch the Cabaret Calypso Show – the LadyBoy show which Thailand is famous for. As compared to the usual Hot and Stuffy shopping areas in Bangkok, Asiatique provides a whole new cooling environment for entertainment and dining along Bangkok’s Chao Praya River. The scenery taken on our boat ride to Asiatique… There’s alot of designers who create their own fashion labels and brands and sell them here for a reasonable price. I generally feel that Thai people have lots of passion, drive and artistic talent! I love these accessories! Cabaret Calypso Show Once you’ve reached Asiatique, it’s best to book your seats for the Calypso Cabaret Show as the best seats in the house are snapped up pretty quickly. This show is one of the best in the land of smiles and is done in many different languages. Thailand is well known for their ladyboys and Calypso’s ladyboys are all so dolled up for the show! The performers are ever so enthusiastic and if you were seated in the front row seats, don’t be surprised if they pulled you up to the stage to join them in a dance in their world of glitz and glamour.  🙂 All audiences of the show are allowed to have a photo taking with any of the ladyboys! I found the one closest to the exit the prettiest (far left) haha. Some of these ladyboys really have the physique of a typical girl BUT they are generally taller. Christmas Events!  I love travelling during the christmas period, Firstly it’s to celebrate my birthday  🙂 Secondly, there’s just so many other shops set up everywhere in Bangkok!!! Thirdly, the weather hovers around 25 degrees! WOOT! There’s many shops set up during Christmas period. They sell mainly BBQed / Grilled/ Stir Fried Dishes – Sotongs, Pork, Mushrooms, Chicken, Squids,  Sausages etc. There’s also this really cute icecream store that sells icecreams in shapes of a dog’s paw, heart shape icecreams, ribbons and bows icecreams etc. My friends liked the red bean paste small fruits snack as well. Dining / Food / Drinks   Pets in Asiatique This place is rather pet friendly and we chanced upon a shop selling all cutest pet’s stuff! The store owner allows the pets to roam...

The Italian Job at Tablescape Moevenpick Sentosa Singapore

The Bio-Engineers met up for a Italian’s Job dinner buffet at Tablescape – Moevenpick Heritage Sentosa Resort to kick start the weekends!   Tablescape – the hotel’s flagship restaurant is designed in a contemporary style, yet it has a relaxed vibe so guests can appreciate its premium Euro-Asian fusion cuisine in style and comfort. For the dinner buffet, Tablescape offers a selection of heritage menus featuring both western and local cuisines, with a soup and salad bar with ‘live’ cold station, or more casual items like premium pastas, pizzas and sandwiches for those looking for a quick bite to eat. Guests could also order freshly brewed speciality tea (TWG) and coffee and a wide selection of pastries. We got there early and the place was still empty.  🙂 I was craving for the prama ham and we needed somewhere with good, quiet with nice ambience for catchup… and so I suggested to dine over there for a dinner buffet.   Here’s some of the starters… … As the theme for the night was the Italian Job, we could order a freshly made Pasta or some Pizzas as part of our mains. Here’s what’s on my plate haha. I don’t eat much at buffets, it’s normally not that worth for me but I like to see a variety to open up my appetite.   The TWG Tea was on the house! Thanks Moevenpick! 🙂 I sweetened up my night with some desserts at the Desserts counter… Our Group Shot: Thank You All for sharing the travel tips for Hong Kong!  🙂 Anyway guess who I met when I was taking photos on our way out?   MISS CH’NG!!!!  this babe was there for her staycation!!! I want a staycation too. hahaha. Nice to see you around!   🙂 Moevepick Heritage Resort Sentosa  Address:                                                           23 Beach View, Sentosa, Singapore 098679                                                                  +65 6 818 3388    hotel.sentosa(at)moevenpick.com...

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