Pre Wedding Photography Macau – Part 3

This post, as promised, is the outcome of the professional photos taken at Macau in 2014. This is also linked to my Pre Wedding Photography Macau Experience which I have elaborated on my photography experience with one of Singapore’s leading bridal stores – Thomson Wedding Collections (TWC). Photography by: Dawn Koh from TWC.   Makeup for bride and groom by: Joyce from TWC  My curly wavy hairdo without the pinups for the morning shoot. 1. Ruins of St Paul  This church, dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle was built in the 17th century but was destroyed by a huge fire in 1835 and what remains till today is the facade of the church. It is one of Macau’s best known landmarks and has been officially listed as part of the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 2. Travessa da Paixao We walked down the steps below Ruins of St. Paul to the back alleys of Ruins of St Paul about 50 meters and found this interesting narrow street. The both sides feature European style building, brightly painted in traditional Portuguese colours. Upon exiting ‘Travessa da Paixao’, we chanced upon the Macau Post Box.   3. St. Dominic’s Church The St. Dominic’s Church is a late 16th century Baroque-style church and serves within the Cathedral Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Macau. This is also one of the 29 sites that form the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 4. Senado Square (Largo do Senado) Senado Square has been Macau’s urban centre for centuries & still a popular venue for celebrations. It is paved with a wave-patterned mosaic colored stones created by the Portuguese. It was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2005 and forms part of the Historic Centre of Macau.  This photo was taken at the traffic lighting crossing at the entrance of Senado Square. Continued below… Related Wedding Posts:                                               1) The Pre-Wedding Preparation                                                                           2) The Macau Hotels we stayed in – Hotel Okura Macau and Royal      Hotel Macau Thomson Wedding Collections (TWC) Experience:         Part 1) The Trial – Spotting the Perfect...

Pre Wedding Photography Macau Experience (Part 2)

Following my blogpost on Pre-Wedding Photography Thomson Wedding Collections (Part 1), I will now blog about the whole travel photography experience with Thomson Wedding Collections (TWC) in this post. So just 2 days before we flew to Macau, we visited Fiona at the TWC Tanjong Pagar branch to collect: 4 Gowns, 3 Suits, 1 Can-can, Crystal Flower Bouquet, Hair Accessories, Necklaces and Earrings, Veil. All these are provided by TWV and are required to be brought by us to Macau. Although TWC had our measurements from earlier fittings, Fiona got us to change into all the clothes again and her staff helped with the last minute alterations. They were quick in making the amendments, say 10-15 minutes. The staff then rolled up and folded the gowns into our baggage and we were all set to go! Note:      1. Please bring a BIG size luggage! We brought a medium sized luggage and had to repack because all the wedding stuff just can’t get into the medium sized luggage… Zzz! 2. The gowns/suits etc. will roughly weigh slightly <20kg. Therefore, select your baggage weight wisely when buying your air tickets I previously got TWC to prepare a Crystal Flower Bouquet for me (See Blog: The Pre-Wedding Preparation) but it didn’t turn out to be what I expected. Anyway, I didn’t want to be a bride-zilla so I made do with what was done.  This was put into my hand carry baggage as I was required to return it in good shape to TWC after the wedding shot. — M . A . C . A . U .      P. H . O . T . O . G . R . A .P . H. Y —  We checked in at Hotel Okura Macau (Blogpost: The Perfect Getaway in Macau at Hotel Okura Macau) for 2 days and I got myself tanned. =__=    A little wrong planning on my end but whatever… For the actual photography, we checked into Royal Hotel Macau as we didn’t want to spend too much on the room since we would be most of the time outdoors. This hotel is situated on a steep slope and is near to attractions like Casino Lisboa, which is one of the oldest casinos in Asia, and is also a good base to explore heritage such as Ruins of St Paul’s – a Christian church dating from 1607. The night before the actual wedding shoot, Dawn and Joyce came by our...

Pre-Wedding Photography Thomson Wedding Collection (Part 1)

We are almost done with our pre-wedding photography and are waiting for our photos to be edited *Yay*! I will be blogging about our Pre-Wedding Photography experiences with Thomson Wedding Collection (TWC) in 3 parts: PART 1) The Trial – Spotting the Perfect Wedding Gowns for Photoshoot   PART 2) Pre-Wedding Photography Experience in Macau PART 3) Outcome of the Pre-Wedding Photos (New Post!) [1] The Trial – Spotting the Perfect Wedding Gowns for Photoshoot After Michelle (the Lady Boss) sold us the pre-wedding photography package, the next thing we needed to do was to visit their shop at Tanjong Pagar to select our gowns. There are two levels at their shop house. The first level showcases their latest white wedding gowns, while the second floor showcases more of the outdoor photography gowns. I was introduced to Fiona (Michelle’s younger sister) who assisted with my selection of gowns. Fiona is extremely helpful and recommended the styles which she thinks would suit me better. For my package, I was allowed to select a total of 4 gowns (regardless of length). The photos below are some of the gowns that I’ve tried on… WHITE GOWNS  The White Gown below is what I selected in the end. It just reminded me of two tiered cupcakes!   I felt that the hardest to decide on was the white gowns because TWC has so many designs for you to choose from. But Brides-To-Be (BTB) only can pick one gown out of the whole selection!      ARGH.   COLOURED GOWNS   Now, moving on to the coloured gowns.   My skin type is towards the darker skin tone, hence I avoided all biege or brownish coloured gowns.   Black Laced Long Gown    Bright Sunny Yellow Layered Gown    A similar version of the gown above can also be found in red.   Red Layered Gown    Dark Purple Gown with Crystals belt   Simple Royal Blue Gown   Princess Cut Red Gown   White & Pink layered Mermaid cut Gown    Turquoise Mermaid Cut Gown with Hot Pink Flowers    Note for Brides considering to sign up with TWC:   1. TWC has got more white gowns for selection rather than coloured gowns. In fact, if you were to sign up the Actual Day (AD) Photography with them, you’ll get to pick the latest and much more beautifully designed gowns (Sweethearts, Enchanted, Mermaid, Princess, Laced, Layered etc. ) found at the first floor. Check them out before signing up.   2. TWC...

China Travel Blog – Macau Canal Shoppes Venetian

After we checked into Hotel Okura Macau (see previous post), we began on our journey to the Venetian on the Cotai Strip via Galaxy Hotel buses.   Note: Shuttle buses are complimentary to all guests and they bring you to all popular tourist attractions. Do ask the hotel staff for a copy of the shuttle buses schedule. Canal Shoppes Venetian Macau I’ve been to Venetian before and I do recall the opulence and excitement that got to me on my first trip. The Venetian on the Cotai Strip in Macau is modeled on its sister casino resort The Venetian Las Vegas, and is the seventh-largest building in the world by floor area. The Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world, and the largest single structure hotel building in Asia. It’s a mammoth building which is visited by loads of tourists everyday. Landscape view of the shopping area… An Opera Singer performing at Venetian… We found some golden eggs!  The wow factor of this place comes from strolling through the shops lining the canals. If you look up, the ceilings are painted to resemble a pretty blue sky which gives you the impression that it’s always daytime and there’s no need to rest or sleep. It’s a pretty clever use of lighting to lull shoppers into thinking that it’s not yet time to go and that there’s still more time to shop. Other parts of this place have also installed replicated pieces of artworks from the Las Vegas casinos as well. The Venetian Gondolier sings the Italian opera melodies. It’s rather enchanting as they have very good vocals and perform with great passion. The casino at Venetian is super packed and extremely smoky. I didn’t like going in there but it’s the area that leads us to the other parts of the building. This is the centre-piece ceiling art attraction. Worth taking a look if you’re there.   Festivita Foodcourt We had our meals at Festivita Foodcourt which offers a wide array of dining choices from all over the world (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican and American). The 1,000 seats foodcourt is located on the 3rd floor of the Grand Canal Shoppes. However, do note that one bowl of Wanton noodle can set you back SGD$8 or MOP$48. If you ask me, please don’t order the wanton noodle. Try the Duck rice store. Yes the price may be steep like SGD$20 or MOP$120 for 2 pax portion (comes with 2 bowls of rice). Egg...

China Travel Blog – The Perfect Getaway in Macau at Hotel Okura Macau

This has got to be the BEST VACATION STAY EVER!!! As I have mentioned in my earlier post, we stayed at the Hotel Okura Macau for 2 nights and it’s an unforgettable and amazing experience at the Superior Suite. We were treated like VIPs literally. From the time we Checked-In to the Birthday Surprise preparation by the staff, Room Services (Turn down services), Complimentary F&B vouchers to finally Checking Out… EVERYTHING was just SO DAMN AWESOME!!!   This was what greeted us when we entered the hotel. If you were to wait a while longer, there would be a show on this fountain that discloses a huge diamond under the whole fountain. Magnificent display of water features (it’s better than the water fountain show in Sentosa I feel). Shengfang accompanied us for our hotel check-in. She was staying over at some other hotel as Okura was fully booked! That’s how popular it is. Anyways, the hotel staff brought us from the lobby to the 6th Floor for our check-in at Hotel Okura Executive Lounge. It was a VIP treatment as we were served drinks at the sofa while the check-in was done. After the swift paper work was done, we went straight to check out our Superior Suite room!   This is the living room area.   From our room, we had a good view of the man-made Beach!   They had this Okura Japanese Tea Set for us which included some sort of japanese cake?  🙂 I love Japanese tea sets!   Our bedroom ! We had 2 toilets in the suite and all of toilet bowls are fully automatic / touch-less sort? It’s very fun to play with it. The toilet bowl cover automatically opens up when you approach it and automatically closes when you have finished your business. I would very much want one of these in my own home. Can someone be kind enough to sponsor me please? haha.    A close up view of the buttons and functions for the toilet bowl… I usually check the bath room conditions for hotels and as promised in my booking, we were greeted by the Steam Bath/ Rain Shower (on the left), the Jacuzzi Bathtub (in the middle) and the Sauna (on the right)! FANTASTIC. Even when you’re lazing in the jacuzzi, you could turn on the TV and view all the programs (similar to what I have on my Starhub TV! ) 2 Separate Basins so there’s enough...

Pre Wedding Photography Macau Hotel Stay

YES! just a few more days to MACAU / HONG KONG!  We have booked for 2 nights stay at Hotel Okura Macau – Junior Suite but we’re upgraded for free to Superior Suite! Yay!    Below are some sample pictures of the Junior Suite. There aren’t much pictures available for Superior Suite…      The Superior Suite comes with …. Complimentary access to Grand Resort Deck & largest skytop wave pool Separate living area 17-inch LCD TV inside bathroom In-room stream, sauna and jacuzzi bath tub I would have wanted more nights but it’s way over my budget. Zzz. Time to pack my bags!  I have blogged on my trip with Edwin & Sheng Fang over in Macau here. Cheers! xoxo,...

The Pre-Wedding Preparation

This is like one of the biggest headaches moments in life! depends on how you want to view it. Haha. There are quite a number of things to do after the proposal.  (1) Proposal Ring & Selection of the Wedding Ring My proposal ring (of cos I couldn’t select this as it’s a surprise)! I love it! Simple & Elegant, nothing too fussy! As the ring is made in one whole piece together with the 4 prongs by twisting the ring slightly, our jeweler David (from THE ENGAGEMENT RING SHOP @Suntec Tower 1 #04-01) almost fainted when he had to re-size my engagement ring from size 11 to  5. It’s more than 50% difference in sizes! He mentioned that it would have been easier to re-size if the ring was separated from the diamond and prongs. On hearing that I was DAMN a little worried… then he reassured that he will try his utmost best to get it re-sized to fit my finger…  and here it is!   It fits perfectly now! Love my bling lots 🙂 Thank You David !!!  Lesson learnt for boyfriends: Please go steal take one of your gf’s rings so that your proposal ring size will not be so drastically different! She probably wouldn’t notice if it’s missing either cos girls usually have quite alot of accessories. HAHA. And now it’s just choosing between 2 designs:         Of course… my favourite would have been as many big blings as possible (see below) ! Hahaaaa !!! (2) Pre-Wedding Photography (Local / Overseas) So after the proposal, it was time to decide whether to take the pre-wedding photography locally or overseas. I knew that I wanted to go overseas for photography… as I would also take it as a trip for relaxation. Bluebay almost got us confirmed with their Taiwan package at about $2,000 (30 poses, hardcopy album, signature wedding scroll etc). This amount does not include our own air tickets, accommodation, travelling etc. We didn’t need to pay for the photographer & makeup artist’s airfare and accommodation as they are all taiwanese. Plus, they provided an assistant to follow the couple around for photography. However, one must be comfortable with picking all the gowns at Taiwan in one day and settle for photography immediately the next day and selecting the photos before you return to Singapore. Also, the staff speak in Chinese, so for a potato like myself.. there will be some unfamiliar Chinese terms which I will need to clarify with them. I found their photos really well taken and didn’t seem that old fashioned like what most...

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