BMW Car Show – BMW World 2014 Stories in Motion

We attended the BMW Car Show – BMW World 2014 Stories in Motion at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Singapore, which as held at MBS’s Expo & Convention Hall from 1 – 3 Aug 2014. “The BMW World 2014 Stores in Motion is set to be the largest single automotive group showcase in Asia. It tells captivating stories of BMW and MINI on innovation, design and luxury.” Our free tickets: The mini was the first car to greet us at the entrance and I simply adored the chic display! As there were many car enthusiasts attending the Car Show, we had to queue and were only allowed in by batches by the organizer to avoid overcrowding. Despite this, it pays off waiting to check out these awesome rides that you’ll like. Ranging from the retro to modern and futuristic designs, all these displays are housed in the same compound. The BMW1, M6, BMWi3 and BMWi8 series and Bikes are all displayed just metres apart. I took picture of the bike as the design reminded me of the Ghost Rider Movie image. Test drives of the latest BMW and MINI models are also available! Just approach any of the Sales Consultants onsite to book for your test drive. The new BMWi8 Concours d’Elegance Edition packs a punch in its special design which makes it unique. I don’t usually fancy matte cars but the BMWi8 is decked out in matte grey, blue accents at the headlights and a curvy sleek back design.  BMW M6 Coupe – Personally, I prefer the M6 designs. Official figures say that the acceleration from 0-100 km/h (62mph) comes in about 4 secs, with the electronically governed top speed at 250 km/h! It’ll be great to drive this on long distance road trips. BMW M6 Convertible BMW i3 For eco-friendly drivers, the BMW Smart Charging is now available in Singapore! THE RETRO CARS BMW M1 – The M1 was conceptualized as a race car, and then homologated through civilian series production. These cars were hand-built from 1978 to 1981 and the M1 is the rarest production BMW sports car in the company’s lengthy history. Classic Isetta Mini-Car – This model was the world’s first mass-production in 1955 and was the top-selling single-cylinder car in the world. Classic MINI Cooper The New MINI Cooper – promotes lifestyle of a young funky executive. Fancy mini cars and bikes for your little ones? These are really cute that the kids just refuse to leave these rides. Seems like the brand is...

The Pre-Wedding Preparation

This is like one of the biggest headaches moments in life! depends on how you want to view it. Haha. There are quite a number of things to do after the proposal.  (1) Proposal Ring & Selection of the Wedding Ring My proposal ring (of cos I couldn’t select this as it’s a surprise)! I love it! Simple & Elegant, nothing too fussy! As the ring is made in one whole piece together with the 4 prongs by twisting the ring slightly, our jeweler David (from THE ENGAGEMENT RING SHOP @Suntec Tower 1 #04-01) almost fainted when he had to re-size my engagement ring from size 11 to  5. It’s more than 50% difference in sizes! He mentioned that it would have been easier to re-size if the ring was separated from the diamond and prongs. On hearing that I was DAMN a little worried… then he reassured that he will try his utmost best to get it re-sized to fit my finger…  and here it is!   It fits perfectly now! Love my bling lots 🙂 Thank You David !!!  Lesson learnt for boyfriends: Please go steal take one of your gf’s rings so that your proposal ring size will not be so drastically different! She probably wouldn’t notice if it’s missing either cos girls usually have quite alot of accessories. HAHA. And now it’s just choosing between 2 designs:         Of course… my favourite would have been as many big blings as possible (see below) ! Hahaaaa !!! (2) Pre-Wedding Photography (Local / Overseas) So after the proposal, it was time to decide whether to take the pre-wedding photography locally or overseas. I knew that I wanted to go overseas for photography… as I would also take it as a trip for relaxation. Bluebay almost got us confirmed with their Taiwan package at about $2,000 (30 poses, hardcopy album, signature wedding scroll etc). This amount does not include our own air tickets, accommodation, travelling etc. We didn’t need to pay for the photographer & makeup artist’s airfare and accommodation as they are all taiwanese. Plus, they provided an assistant to follow the couple around for photography. However, one must be comfortable with picking all the gowns at Taiwan in one day and settle for photography immediately the next day and selecting the photos before you return to Singapore. Also, the staff speak in Chinese, so for a potato like myself.. there will be some unfamiliar Chinese terms which I will need to clarify with them. I found their photos really well taken and didn’t seem that old fashioned like what most...

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