Thailand Travel Blog – Bangkok #2 – Bloody Delicious Pig Blood Soup

Chinese have the reputation for eating almost every living thing. So, as a Chinese, how could I possibly resist this delicacy?    I grew up enjoying the unique taste of pig’s organ soup that was served with pig’s blood, but it was not before long that this dish was banned due to hygiene reasons. I had cravings for it and recalled asking my mum whether she could buy them for me to satisfy my cravings. Those of you who have such cravings will probably love the soft texture and bloody taste of this maroon coloured cube. Well, it was only after travelling in Thailand Bangkok did I then realised that the congealed pig’s blood can be found almost everywhere! *OMG*  In my previous post, I mentioned that Ros & I ordered 3 bags of congealed Pig Blood from the street hawkers for supper. The auntie probably thought we were mad. If I didn’t recall wrongly we probably paid somewhere between 100  to 150 baht (SGD$4 – $6) and didn’t expect to get 3 bags of the Pigs’ blood in return (we thought it was just for 1 bag!). Thus, with the huge volume of blood tofu bought, we turned from blood thirsty vampires to werewolves who were turned off by any bloody scent after the feast for that night.    Some of the sides that came with the soup.   Just for info: Reasons why the Pigs’ Blood is banned: Blood has high moisture and protein content and can easily support the growth of bacteria. Unhygienic harvesting of blood can result in the introduction of food borne pathogens into blood food products. Specialised equipment and additional sanitary controls are required to harvest blood safely during slaughter.   More Bangkok Updates here: 1. Mr. Jones’ Orphanage at Siam Centre2. Asiatiq (Calypso Bangkok)3. Stay at Centrepoint Silom –...

Bangkok #1 – Stay at Centre Point Silom (at Riverside)

When my friends and even colleagues get to know that I’m flying overseas, they speculate, presume and assume that I’m going to Bangkok for every trip! UsuaIly when I’m asked how long a duration is enough, I would recommend the typical traveller 3-4 days… but I tell you, one week is never enough.  I started going bangkok for 5 days with my hall friends (LS, Angie, ah Jon, Xy, Chris) back in the days when we were sporty, tanned and adorned in our Chang Beer uniforms. We went there without knowing what to expect. Both Angie and I thought that the guys wanted to go see Tigers…    FREAK NO, turned out to be  THAI GIRLS and it’s X-rated.        0____0   haha. And so, the trips that usually range from 3 days to 5 days…  stretched to 11 days in the recent years. HAHA.  🙂 I’ll just share some of the places I stayed in and things that I’ve done in my last trip in Dec 2013 with Mr Ho, Ros and Ed! We stayed in at Centrepoint Silom Hotel which was located at the River side. This is a good place to start your trip if you intend to do a riverside boat tour and drop off at various locations to see other parts of Bangkok. The view is good especially if you go up to Lebua State Tower Sky Bar. One of my fave pub areas in BKK.   Centrepoint Silom Hotel Back to the room which is spacious and clean. The corridors of this apartment are huge too. Normally, the walkway for hotels in BKK are rather narrow, but in this place you have plenty of space to even dance around.  The Kitchenette is well equipped with most of the utensils that you’ll need. As for the bath, it comes with a big tub for soaking and a separate room for a quick shower!  🙂 There were quite a few Angmoh & Korean tourists lazing by the poolside in the morning. Overall, the stay in this hotel was good (My score: 7/10)… Comfortable, spacious, close proximity to the riverside and near Lebua State Tower! There’s a shopping centre located right below the hotel where I purchased some of my bras. Street Side Kueh Chap And if you don’t mind, cross the road and you’ll find the hawkers selling delicious street side Kueh Chap (Thailand Chinese Style). $2-3 Bucks for this! And there was this...

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