Japan – Osaka Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street

Located just a short distance away from our stay is the Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street. It is a 2.6km long shopping street that starts at from Tenjimbashi-suji Rokuchome Subway Station and leading south until close to the Tenjinbashi Bridge. Inside this arcade, there are approximately 600 stores, old fashioned diners, cake patisserie shops, traditional tea, china ware, snacks, toiletries and makeup and even knife shops. Look out for the dolls at the entrance to this shopping street.  Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street We were so hungry by the time we checked in the airbnb stay and walked through this street in search for good japanese food. Whilst checking out the street, we also noticed that there were a few side alleys that provided authentic local dining experience. The neighbourhood atmosphere was so different from the main tourist streets. However, in order to eat at one of these authentic privately owned restaurants, you would need to be able to converse in Japanese or you will be turned away.It was this restaurant which caught our eyes and it was still packed at 9pm!Outside this restaurant, we found boxes of seafood which contained crabs, big clams, oysters, fish, snails etc. and were attracted to the selection of seafood. We noticed that most of the customers are locals. The waiter spoke to us in japanese at first but switched to chinese when he realised we could speak chinese. The 3 friendly waiters from this restaurant are actually Chinese whilst the chefs are Japanese. We ordered the grilled crabs, salmon roe and salmon slices don, clams soup for the night. The above costed us only 1,380 Yen, or about SGD$17.50! The food is FRESH, Tasty and very value for money. The clams soup was by far the best I’ve tried. Crabs were so tasty that I’m still salivating whilst writing this post. The salmon roe was crunchy and salmon slices were thick. I do not fancy eating wasabi in Singapore but I found the ones in Japan nice as they are freshly grind and do not cause me to tear or cough. From that night onward, we visited this shop frequently for supper til the waiters could recognize us! Haha. Note: Opening hours are from 11:00 till  23:00hrs. Last order is at 22:30hrs. Not far from this shop, we found big fat yummy japanese strawberries for 280 Yen. 🙂 Happiness for our tummies. I have posted some photos of the other shops along the main street. You would be...

Tenryu Dining & Teahouse – Japanese Delights

Tucked in a quiet estate of Dairy Farm Estate situated within Upper Bukit Timah area, we dined at this family owned Japanese restaurant which is a true hidden gem. The tranquility and serenity of the surrounding homes make this place exceptionally cosy and inviting.   Red Wines I like their selection of red wines here and so we ordered a bottle of Chateau Du Barrailh for sharing.   Japanese Delicacies Edamame – Boiled Green Soyabean Tamago – Egg Omelette  Braised Pork This is a MUST try. This braised pork is so tasty and soft and has a unique taste to it! It’s somewhat different from our Chinese sort of braised pork but extremely yummy. 🙂   Sashimi Go for the 7 kinds of assorted Sashimi selections if you’re a fan of raw fish food. It’s very fresh, mouth watering and appetizing. Even the leaves and flowers served with the dish are fresh. Usually, the Salmon, Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi), Octopus (Tako), Scallop (Hotate), Swordfish (Mekajiki), Tuna (Maguro) will be served up but this really depends on what is available in their kitchen.  I would add the Salmon Fish Roe (Ikura) to my Sashimi dish to satisfy my Japanese cuisine cravings. PS: The Sashimis are on 50% off every THURSDAY! Just too bad we don’t go on Thursdays…  haha.    Salmon with Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) toppings What more can I say? I absolutely am in love with their fish. Grilled Fish Cheek (Kama Shio Yaki) This dish was recommended by the Jesintha (the lady supervisor in the restaurant dressed in kimono) as she claimed that it’s a top favourite in the restaurant. And I do agree with her on that. Now, we’re hooked on the tenderness and freshness of the fish cheeks that we just got to order it every time we are there. PS: This dish may be sold out at times due to its popularity. Do check with Jesintha on the availability.  Salmon with Butter (Salmon Butter Yaki)  I prefer eating salmon raw but this salmon cooked with butter tastes tantalizing too. Noodle Kitshun Udon has got to be my fave udon noodle there. It is served with sweet fried bean curd and seaweed. Rice (Gohan) The Garlic Fried Rice here is very fragrant and you could see alot of garlic flakes placed on top of the rice with a generous serving of green onions! Love this and it’s just SGD$5 a bowl.  🙂 Ice Cream Yuzu icecream has this citrus and refreshing taste and makes...

TCC – The Connoisseur Concerto

During this season of the Great Singapore Sale (GSS), TCC is currently offering a 1-for-1 promotion on their main dishes and pastas for their members. Most of my family and friends are already members and we took the opportunity to feast again on our favourite dishes at TCC! Note: To qualify for membership, you will need to spend just SGD$80 on one receipt. The great thing about this membership is during your birthday month, you get 50% off your bill (excluding 7% GST and 10% Service Charge) for the first visit of your birthday month and 30% off for your second visit.   The Appetizers Wild Mushroom Bisque This is a bowl of creamy wild mushrooms broth served with garlic bread. Their mushroom soup is not too thick and this bowl alone is likely to make you full, therefore it’s good to share unless you have a big appetite. The Tuna Salad is also a must-try. There are 5 pieces of tuna per plate tossed with homemade citrus-miso dressing.  Tuna Fish Salad Pastas This has got to be my personal favourite pasta – the Spaghetti Aglio Olio flavoured with chilli and garlic and accompanied with prawns and pan-seared scallops. I have eaten this dish for at least 10 times so far and I’m pretty sure that I’ll order this at my next visit. Note: This dish is rather spicy due to the chilli padis and seeds found in the whole dish. You could request for a less spicy dish when placing your order. Seafood Aglio Olio  A new dish added to the menu recently is the Soft-shell Crab with Black Pepper Pasta. It’s my second favourite pasta now. The Spaghetti is tossed in spicy teriyaki black pepper sauce, crowned with crispy fried soft-shell crab and asparagus spears. I love the generous serving of tobiko as the garnishing too. As for this Chicken Spaghetti, the taste is just so-so. I do not recommend this as the above two choices are definitely better than this. Mains TCC has a good selection of great tasting healthy main dishes too! This is one place where you can feast on delectable, guilt-free food!   Oven-roasted Spring Chicken with Brown Jus Beef Striploin with Yakiniku Butter Sauce Snacks If you’re looking just to have some munchies or small bites, try the hearty portion of wedges with irresistible melted cheese dip. Otherwise, the Shrooms Bite – a delicious light puff pastry filled with a sautéed mushroom ragout will make a great choice too. Drinks Hazelnut Latte Caramel Ginger Crumble...

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