Bangkok Street Mookata – Jurong West

These days, there seems to be a rising trend in Mookata restaurants sprouting up in various parts of Singapore. It’s the BBQ grill surrounded by a steamboat moat. Mookata deviates from the tradition use of butter when grilling meats. Instead, it is replaced with pork lard which adds flavour and taste to the meats and soup base. Pigging out at Bangkok Street Mookata   We noticed a new restaurant Bangkok Street Mookata that opened end Nov 2014 and it is rather crowded most of the times. Hence, we decided to give it a try!  It’s actually quite packed for a rainy day. The place isn’t that accessible and it’s recommended to drive a car to park at a outdoor carpark there. Not to worry, there’s always plenty of carpark spaces there. The Menu:  Platter for 4 @ $39, Platter for 2 @ $22 We skipped the platter as we had wanted more meats and not dishes like the corn, hotdogs, fishballs etc. The ala-carte menu orders Before grilling our food, we got the Pork Lard from one of the waiters. We were given 2 pieces only and had to keep asking for the pork lard as the quantities given are like a couple of pieces at a time. Anyways, as we brushed the surface of the dome-shaped wok, we noticed that there were black pieces of scraped off stuff on the pork lard. Food Quality: The marinated meats, mainly the garlic pork collars, pork bellies, beef, chicken tasted good. We reckoned that they were thawed meats but we can’t taste any staleness/soggyness  as the marination was done well. 🙂 The scallops, golden mushrooms, Shishamo are good choices too for this thai grilling style. What I will not recommend is the order of Maggie Mee (which my friend did) which is sold at $1.50 for half a normal packet size. Food Quantity: For the meats, the price starts at $1.90 a plate and the serving was a few pieces of meat which was small. But what more can we ask for at $1.90, $2.90 a plate? We added on to the orders to quite a number of plates otherwise there weren’t enough to go around. One portion of meat. Ambience: Simple affair at Singapore’s Coffeeshops which is dining around simple round tables and plastic chairs with the open concept. Yes there are some live and dead cockroaches around and I do hope they will clean up on this. Other than that, diners can still...

Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe with a Twist

I was craving for tantalizing pretty desserts and was attracted by the French-Japanese inspired dishes at Miam Miam – Westgate Jurong as it looked promising. It serves up flavours and ingredients of Japan prepared with French artisan cooking techniques. When I visited the restaurant at 6pm on a weekend, the queue had already formed and the restaurant was rather full. The wait time was about 15 minutes before I could get a seat.   There are no lack of choices at Miam Miam with home made spaghettis, French bisques and sandwiches, pancakes, soufflés, parfaits, rice and a selection of matcha drinks and coffee. Every food dish is made from scratch, therefore you will need to wait a little while from between 15 to 30 minutes for your food. The ambience and atmosphere at the Westgate outlet are just Plain Amazing. Love the choice of lightings and colourful selection of chairs and plush sofa corner seats that are comfy.  After SP arrived, we proceeded to make our orders! Seafood Tomato Cream Spaghetti – SGD$18.80 This dish comes with flavours of the sea – squids, green mussels, prawns, scallops and clams topped with garlic mayonnaise. The portion is good for 2 pax. Great for sharing! Initially, SP thought that I have ordered Seafood CURRY spaghetti as the sauce resembled those of the Indian curry. Taste wise, this dish is quite okay. Maybe because I am biased towards TCC’s seafood aglio olio? [See my previous post on Tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto] Riz Noir Black Rice – SGD$17.80 This has got to be one of the best Squid Ink Rice ever! It makes your teeth black when you’re eating it but it’s just so tasty that you’ll forget about how you look whilst digging into this dish.   Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé – $13.80 One of the best sellers in Miam Miam is the Valrhona Chocolate Souffle. Almost all tables were ordering this dessert and we just gotta try it!   Indulge in a true moment of ecstasy with heavenly decadent melted chocolate on top of your souffle!   Meetup with SP 🙂 Recommendation: 1. This restaurant has a policy which allows groups to enter only when all the guests have arrived. 2. Note that the desserts come 30 minutes after your main dishes are served. Therefore, you may want to request for a delay in the serving say 45 minutes.   Locations Miam Miam @ Westgate #01-21/22 Westgate 3 Gateway Drive Singapore 608532 Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction...

Carousel Royal Plaza on Scotts – Lunch International Buffet

Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts, is famous of its halal certified International Hotel Buffet. This buffet located near Orchard MRT is a popular choice among locals and foreigners as it serves up a wide variety of Seafood, Asian, Chinese, Indian cuisines and also has a wide spread of delicious desserts and fruits. Salad bar Seafood Display at the Front Counter  For lunch, Carousel typically serves up: Japanese, Seafood & Crustacean, Salad & Appetisers, European, Rotisserie, Pasta, Asian & Western Soups, Breads & Rolls, Asian, Chicken Rice, Desserts. As with any International Buffet, I would usually head straight for the (1) Seafood Section first. They had Salmons, Green Mussels, Sweet Clams, Half Shell Scallops, Crabs (Blue Swimming and Mud types), Slipper Lobsters, Main Lobster Claws! Lobster Claws The next section that I love to patronize is the (2) Rotisserie Section. The dish that they were serving up was the Beef Sirloin (Medium done).  My personal preference would have been Medium Rare though. Carousel has also a good selection of (3) Cheese: Blue cheese, Brie cheese, and Fresh Parmesan cheese. I took brie cheese, it has always been my favourite. (4) Desserts: White, Milk and Dark Chocolate, The Orange Chocolate Pearls Cake, Creme Brulee, Puddings, Yam Paste and Ice Cream. This is a must try! Love the crust, so sweet and crispy. Chocolate Cake I love their Creme Brulee with the layer of sweetened icing on top! Thumbs up! This place is highly recommended for Seafood lovers. By the time you stomach down your portion of the seafood, you may not have the stomach to visit the rest of the counters (which makes up 80% of the whole dining area). If you’re not one, I would suggest that you skip this buffet as it’s more costly than the average Asian cuisine buffets (minus the seafood) – it’s just not worth your buck. TIPS: (1) Please call in to book in advance if you wish dine there, especially in big groups. (2) Lunch is strictly from 12:00 to 14:00, I found the timing rather tight. If you’re a fast eater, good for you. Otherwise, you might end up having to gobble your food down if you turn up late. (3) Lobster claws are almost snapped up by 13:00. I have tried asking them before if there were still lobster claws when I couldn’t find any (i only had 1 pathetic claw as I was late). The reply I got was that they do not replace the lobster claws. Thankfully, another waitress was kind enough to serve...

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