Thailand Travel Blog – Bangkok Sanrio Hello Kitty House

I was super delighted upon hearing that Thailand has its first Sanrio¬†Hello Kitty House Bangkok in Siam Square One shopping mall! This Hello Kitty’s main focus is on sweet treats. Only premium ingredients are used such as butter and flour from France, chocolate from Belgium and strawberries from Japan and Korea, are used in the cakes and pastries, with more than 30 kinds of desserts available every day. ūüôā Hello Kitty House Store Front Thankfully my travel pals were accommodating enough to accompany me there. Initially I thought that this Hello Kitty House is a cafe only, but it is has also the other departments such as the spa and gift shop all combined under one roof. We were there in the afternoon and queued (whilst seated on the bench located outside the cafe) for about 15 mins before we were served. The whole concept is just so PINK. Pink Kitty, Pink leather chairs, Pink banquettes, Pink Sugar servings, Pink bottles etc. It’s as if we’re wearing pink tinted glasses when we are in the cafe. ¬†ūüôā ¬† Kawaii! Just in case you’re tired of waiting to be served, you could get yourself a drink at their counter too. I didn’t manage to take the photos of the kitty plastic cups which are available on sale too. Upon entering the cafe,¬†we were greeted by the selection of pretty Hello Kitty cakes, pancakes, cupcakes etc on the left. I wished there were more cakes made in the kitty face shape just like the ones sold in Singapore’s Breadtalk. Haha. Other than cakes, there’s also light meals such as Sushi, and drinks such as Coffee, Tea and Smoothies. This place is a self-service cafe. So its good to have a friend seated at the assigned table by the waitress then proceed to make your orders at the counter. The price ranges from 30baht to 280baht which is still rather affordable. On the right, there is this super big framed hello kitty face outline¬†which demarcates the other section of the cafe¬†and a life size statue of kitty having a teabreak. ¬† Check out the seats. I super love the chairs! We were seated on the ground floor but there’s actually another level for more seats upstairs too. The whole cafe can cater up to 150 pax apparently. Therefore I think it’s actually possible for fans to do a 16th / 21st/ 30th or even 50th and 60th birthday celebration at this place,...

Thailand Travel Blog – Bangkok #2 – Bloody Delicious Pig Blood Soup

Chinese have the reputation for eating almost every living thing. So, as a Chinese, how could I possibly resist this delicacy?¬† ¬† I grew up enjoying the unique taste of pig’s organ soup that was served with¬†pig’s blood, but it was not before long that this dish was banned due to hygiene reasons. I had cravings for it and recalled asking my mum whether she could buy them for me to satisfy my cravings. Those of you who have such cravings will probably love the soft texture and bloody taste of this maroon coloured cube. Well, it was only after travelling in Thailand Bangkok did I then realised that the congealed pig’s blood can be found almost everywhere! *OMG*¬† In my previous post, I mentioned that Ros & I ordered 3 bags of¬†congealed Pig Blood from the street hawkers for supper. The auntie probably thought we were mad. If I didn’t recall wrongly we probably paid somewhere between¬†100 ¬†to 150 baht (SGD$4 – $6) and didn’t expect to get 3 bags of the Pigs’ blood in return (we thought it was just for 1 bag!). Thus, with the huge volume of blood tofu bought, we turned from blood thirsty vampires to werewolves who were turned off by¬†any bloody scent after the feast for that night.¬†   Some of the sides that came with the soup.   Just for info: Reasons why the Pigs’ Blood is banned: Blood has high moisture and protein content and can easily support the growth of bacteria. Unhygienic harvesting of blood can result in the introduction of food borne pathogens into blood food products. Specialised equipment and¬†additional sanitary controls are required to harvest blood safely during slaughter. ¬† More Bangkok Updates here: 1.¬†Mr. Jones’ Orphanage at Siam Centre2. Asiatiq (Calypso Bangkok)3.¬†Stay at Centrepoint Silom –...

Thailand Travel Blog: Bangkok #2 – Asiatique (Calypso Bangkok)

Asiatique is a must-go for everyone! It’s the new river front night market in Bangkok. ¬†If you are in Bangkok, do make a trip down here to chillax over some food and drinks. It’ll be great to catch the Cabaret Calypso Show¬†– the LadyBoy show which¬†Thailand is famous for. As compared to the usual Hot and Stuffy shopping areas in Bangkok, Asiatique provides a whole new cooling environment for entertainment and dining along Bangkok’s Chao Praya River. The scenery taken on our boat ride to Asiatique… There’s alot of designers who create their own fashion labels and brands and sell them here for a reasonable price. I generally feel that Thai people have¬†lots of passion, drive and artistic talent! I love these accessories! Cabaret Calypso Show Once you’ve reached Asiatique, it’s best to book your seats for the Calypso Cabaret Show as the best seats in the house are snapped up pretty quickly. This show is one of the best in the land of smiles and is done in many different languages. Thailand is well known for their ladyboys and Calypso’s ladyboys are all so dolled up for the show! The performers are ever so enthusiastic and if you were seated in the front row seats, don’t be surprised if they pulled you up to the stage to join them in a dance in their world of glitz and glamour. ¬†ūüôā All audiences of the show are allowed to have a photo taking with any of the ladyboys! I found the one closest to the exit the prettiest (far left) haha. Some of these ladyboys really have the physique of a typical girl BUT they are generally taller. Christmas Events!¬† I love travelling during the christmas period, Firstly it’s to celebrate my birthday ¬†ūüôā Secondly, there’s just so many other shops set up everywhere in Bangkok!!! Thirdly, the weather hovers around 25 degrees! WOOT! There’s many shops set up during Christmas period. They sell mainly BBQed / Grilled/ Stir Fried Dishes – Sotongs, Pork, Mushrooms, Chicken, Squids, ¬†Sausages etc. There’s also this really cute icecream store that sells icecreams in shapes of a dog’s paw, heart shape icecreams, ribbons and bows icecreams etc. My friends liked the red bean paste small fruits snack as well. Dining / Food / Drinks ¬† Pets in Asiatique This place is rather pet friendly and we chanced upon a shop selling all cutest pet’s stuff! The store owner allows the pets to roam...

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