This is like one of the biggest headaches moments in life! depends on how you want to view it. Haha. There are quite a number of things to do after the proposal.

 (1) Proposal Ring & Selection of the Wedding Ring

My proposal ring (of cos I couldn’t select this as it’s a surprise)! I love it!

Simple & Elegant, nothing too fussy!

As the ring is made in one whole piece together with the 4 prongs by twisting the ring slightly, our jeweler David (from THE ENGAGEMENT RING SHOP @Suntec Tower 1 #04-01almost fainted when he had to re-size my engagement ring from size 11 to  5. It’s more than 50% difference in sizes! He mentioned that it would have been easier to re-size if the ring was separated from the diamond and prongs. On hearing that I was DAMN a little worried… then he reassured that he will try his utmost best to get it re-sized to fit my finger…  and here it is!

My Proposal Ring

My Proposal Ring


It fits perfectly now! Love my bling lots 🙂 Thank You David !!! 

Lesson learnt for boyfriends: Please go steal take one of your gf’s rings so that your proposal ring size will not be so drastically different! She probably wouldn’t notice if it’s missing either cos girls usually have quite alot of accessories. HAHA. And now it’s just choosing between 2 designs:

  Tiffany & Co Engagement and Wedding Rings (2)     Tiffany & Co Engagement and Wedding Rings

Of course… my favourite would have been as many big blings as possible (see below) ! Hahaaaa !!!

Tiffany & Co Engagement Wedding Rings

Tiffany & Co Engagement & Wedding Rings

(2) Pre-Wedding Photography (Local / Overseas)

So after the proposal, it was time to decide whether to take the pre-wedding photography locally or overseas.

I knew that I wanted to go overseas for photography… as I would also take it as a trip for relaxation.

Bluebay almost got us confirmed with their Taiwan package at about $2,000 (30 poses, hardcopy album, signature wedding scroll etc). This amount does not include our own air tickets, accommodation, travelling etc. We didn’t need to pay for the photographer & makeup artist’s airfare and accommodation as they are all taiwanese. Plus, they provided an assistant to follow the couple around for photography. However, one must be comfortable with picking all the gowns at Taiwan in one day and settle for photography immediately the next day and selecting the photos before you return to Singapore. Also, the staff speak in Chinese, so for a potato like myself.. there will be some unfamiliar Chinese terms which I will need to clarify with them.

Bluebay Hot Air Balloons

Bluebay Hot Air Balloons

Bluebay - Pre Wedding photos

Bluebay – Pre Wedding photos

I found their photos really well taken and didn’t seem that old fashioned like what most people projected Taiwan gowns and photos to be! Nonetheless, we knew that there would be bigger wedding fairs coming up and decided to hold on our decision to book with Bluebay. The schedule of all wedding related matters can be found here.

We went for our first fair of the year – The New Paper Wedding Planner Exhibition 2014 in early January and we agreed to see more booths for comparison… and probably still sign up with Bluebay.

The sales person who managed to get us seated with them was from Thomson Wedding Collections. I think  we spoke for like 2 hours and I was getting lethargic and we had tried rejecting them. We initially felt that the sales person was too pushy and kept banging on the fact that they were a long term brand name unlike other companies. It was until the Boss Michelle who came and spoke to us. She really sweet talked us into signing up with her. I guess we were also getting really tired and were seeing stars by then when we signed…      0___0

The quote: $2,799/- for 1 day Macau photography package

PACKAGE: 45 poses in softcopies. NO hardcopy albums, NO hardcopy photos, NO display stands, NO signature scrolls / book. (we felt that there wasn’t the need for albums because most of the couples that we know actually tucked their album somewhere under their bed after getting married! Then again, I felt that we overpaid just for softcopies? Sigh…) I’m praying all will turn out good.

4 bridal gowns, 3 suits – all to be brought over by ourselves to Macau. 1 free trial makeover. And I managed to get them to make me a crystal bouquet as I didn’t want fresh flowers for my photoshoot. Flights and accommodation of bride and gown to be borne by own. Flights and accommodation of Photographer & Makeup Artist to be borne by us separately.  Travelling around Macau to be borne by us. Makeup fees (for ampoules & fake eyelashes) at $70 to be borne by us, if not we can provide our own but pay $10 to the MUA directly for her service of sticking the eyelashes.

Sample of the Crystal Bouquet that I wanted:

Teardrop Crystal Bouquet Wedding

Teardrop Crystal Bouquet Wedding

I’ll elaborate more on my experience with Thomson Wedding Collections in my next post.

(3) ROM & Wedding Banquet

This was a headache man. Almost wanted to puke milk out as we had initially settled for the wedding to be at Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa and even had the dates, lunch and dinner arrangements settled with the hotel wedding planner. But the feedback gotten from family members was that it was inconvenient for elderly folks and those without cars.

Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa

Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa

We then moved on shortlisting more wedding venues:

  1. Marina Bay Sands – The Sky is the limit and the view of the Marina skyline… ? Splendid.
  2. CHIMJES – Traditional, perfect charm and ambience of a chapel.
  3. Park Royal on Pickerling – I call it the Kuey Lapis Hotel due to it’s layered design. It’s a newly built hotel.

We spoke to all 3 wedding coordinators.  Without further considerations, we went ahead with our MBS wedding banquet set for next year 2015. All settled within a day! We proceeded with our booking with MBS for the following reasons:


Marina Bay Sands & the surroundings


My MBS wedding ballroom !


Singapore City View from Marina Bay Sands rooftop

  1. It is super centralized and is connected directly to Bayfront MRT station (Circle Line),
  2. It has one of the best swimming pool experiences in Singapore! We can dive right into the pool after our banquet,
  3. Wedding Coordinator was really on the ball and helped answered our queries promptly. Thumbs up for the service!  🙂
The reasons why i didn’t picked the other 2 were because CHIJMES did not have a proper changing room and there’s no hotel room for us  (couple, brothers and sisters) to rest in. As for Park Royal Pickerling, the wedding coordinator seemed not interested in serving us? She did the introduction of the hotel and ballrooms in like 5-10 mins and showed us to the door. Before ending off, she also informed that we would be on the waiting list for 2015 with a queue number of 160… ! 
So for couples who are looking for wedding venues and have a particular date to go for, it is advisable to do your booking 1.5 years in advance. Because you will be in for a surprise how kai su wedding couples can be, especially for really HOT dates.

(4) Wedding Invites / Guest List

I’m thinking of doing something unique for this. How about some photoshopped effects like this? Looks like loads of fun. Haha Capture And the Guest List is not out yet, cos We will only be doing this after our pre-wedding photography.  🙂  You may want to follow this guide here anyways: Capture Best of luck in planning for your big day!!!! I’m counting down to my pre-wedding photographies first….  


xoxo, xY